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Thanks Coach

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Published on: Wednesday, November 11, 2009

By Brian J. Karem

Editor’s note: This letter and comments came to us from a local high school football player - actually more than one. We've removed any references to the team or the coaches and feel the sentiment is strong enough to stand on its own:

Thanks coach for making my senior year as a high school football player so memorable. I've been playing this sport since I was eight-years-old and I will always remember this year above all others.

Thank you for teaching me about self-control as you got a 15 yard penalty on the bench for losing your cool, and then turning around in another game and benching me for getting upset in our locker room at half time because we were losing.

Thank you for teaching me about dedication. I haven't missed a practice while you've been late to every practice this year and haven't even bothered to show up for at least three practices.

Thank you for teaching me about hypocrisy as you canned your offensive coordinator for not showing up to summer weight training while you didn't show up for two practices last week as we prepared for a game we could've won.

Thanks for teaching me about not giving up by telling us at halftime of a recent game that you didn't have anything to say to us as we were down by a lot of points.

Thank you for teaching me about inspiration by failing to inspire us when we were down.

Thank you for teaching me about self-control as you told us we were the worst team you've ever coached.

Thank you for teaching me about how to earn respect as you screamed at me to get out of your face and that you didn't want to talk to me.

Thank you for teaching me about how to overcome obstacles as you threw your hands up in the air and said, "We just can't pass," or "We just can't run the ball."

Thank you for inspiring confidence in me as your starting quarterback by benching me when I called an audible.

Thank you for teaching me about self-control again as you benched me for an entire game for calling that audible and then demoted me to second-string.

Thanks for enforcing your lesson on hypocrisy and teaching me about justice by then allowing my backup to call the audible for which I was benched and giving him absolutely no repercussions.

Thank you coach for teaching me about loyalty as you demeaned your coaching staff in front of us and told your offensive coordinator what a horrible call he made to go for it on fourth down.

Thank you coach for teaching me about how to deal with management by blaming the administration at our high school for everything that went wrong this year.

Thank you coach for teaching me about responsibility by blaming everyone else, including your players and assistant coaches for our horrible season.

Thank you coach for teaching me the importance of becoming a part of something bigger than myself by singling players out for retribution.

Thank you coach for teaching me about maturity by telling us how horrible we are.

Thank you coach for teaching me about heart by telling our running back how ashamed you were of him and how awful we are.

Thank you coach for teaching me about how to treat other people by yelling at us all the time and never telling us when we did anything positive.

Thank you coach for teaching us about the importance of scholarship by telling us we had to fill out weekly grade sheets, but never following up on them after the second week.

Thank you coach for teaching us about life by treating us all so unfairly.

Thank you coach for teaching us about love by showing us none.

In short coach, thanks for teaching me how to act as an adult by showing me everything I should never do as an adult.

This season will last with me for a lifetime. I can only pray that it sticks with you that long as well and you learn to act more like the adult you say we should be.

I pray you learn about fair play, discipline, becoming part of something bigger than yourself and above all having fun playing this sport.

They say a football team takes on the personality of its head coach. I think they are right.

This team certainly reminds me of you.

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Posted By: Kimberly On: 6/21/2011

Title: Parent

I would personally like to Thank Mr. Brian also whom my boy Nicki Sanchez looked up to .Nickis flag team ,Mr.Crandalls team had won the boys 11-13 Championship Game for the 2010-2011 season,Thank You Mr.Brian foe letting nicki play with the Super Team,he hung in there and had fun and Mr.Crandall for if we had not met him ,nicki would nt be a fine player.I enjoyed this season.Many Thanks

Posted By: Sherwood parent On: 11/16/2009

Title: This sounds like most coaches

Are you kidding this isn't just happening at this school-Al Thomas - Changuris - all of them act this way- Coaches are allowed to do and say anything -always at the kids expense- This guy who wrote this was able to voice it and we should thank him as all coaches could read it and learn

Posted By: Gloria Poole On: 11/13/2009


I can only guess who the Coach may be-from the oldest school in Montg. Co, winning record in 60's in football. Really not too much to speak of this year. Many Alumni get together and speak the same words each week. So who hires the Coach the AD or Adminstrative Staff. Somehow the students deserve more.

Posted By: dd On: 11/12/2009

Title: thanks coach

i feel fortunate that, for the most part, my husband, who coached x-c, track and swimming for over 37 years, received the true --- thanks coach---compliments. the greatest result of (my husband's coaching) was when our children started coaching in "his style".. it was always a shame when we would see the examples that the coach in this article displayed. if only every coach would read this and realize when they are this example from the article... problem is they never do.....

Posted By: East Side Raider On: 11/12/2009

Title: Wow

Holy Crap! I would love to know which school in Rockville this was?

Posted By: OMG On: 11/12/2009

Title: Thanks

Sad but true

Posted By: Kev On: 11/12/2009

Title: Good for the kid.

Good kid. He knows what they don't teach you in graduate school -- "We always lead." So when he tried to lead, the coach would interfere. Thus, the coach led -- and the team apparently lost. A lot. Kid: keep family first. Treat your friends like family. And note that whatever you do, you always lead. Follow those three principles, and you're a winner.

Posted By: A On: 11/11/2009

Title: Thanks Coach

This is incredible...I wish every school would copy this and give it to each and every coach...JV and Varsity!!!


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