Montgomery Co. mother continues cancer treatment search after son dies

 Montgomery Co. mother continues cancer treatment search after son dies
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Truth to Power
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 Metro SafeTrack comes to an end

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The Last Ride

27-07-2017 Hits:245 Local Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

Infamous cavalry statue takes its last ride to Poolesville to stand guard at White's Ferry Workmen remove the Confederate Cavalry statue to take it to its new resting place near White's Ferry. FILE PHOTO   ROCKVILLE – Friday was a last hurrah for a 104-year-old Rockville statue representing an increasingly more distant past. After two years of controversy and public debates a County contractor moved Rockville’s Confederate statue Tuesday to its new home at White’s Ferry outside of Poolesville. The statue, depicting a confederate cavalryman – and modeled after a former Rockville mayor, was taken from its home at the old Rockville “Red Brick” Courthouse where it had stayed for many years. The statue arrived at White’s Ferry on Tuesday. For years Rockville and County residents debated the appropriateness of the statue, which for the last 104 years stood in downtown Rockville as a memorial to the County’s confederate Civil War veterans. While the statue was the centerpiece of discussion for many Rockville City Council meetings, only about half a dozen County resident gathered on Friday to give the statue a farewell topped with a Champaign toast to a monument of Rockville’s past. “I actually had relatives that fought for the Confederacy from Montgomery County, so...

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Local inventor wants to change your ball…

20-07-2017 Hits:342 Local Matt Cohen - avatar Matt Cohen

BETHESDA -- Ever sit at a baseball game eating a slice of pizza, and not know what to with the plate once you’re done? You probably shoved the plate on the ground below your chair, assuming the janitors at the stadium will pick it up for you. Brian Kelley, 22, has an invention to change that. The idea started during a group project in his entrepreneurship class during his senior year at The Bullis School in Potomac. The students were assigned to create a business idea and pursue that idea. “Going to a lot of games growing up, I’ve noticed the amount of trash that accumulates,” Kelley said. “So this idea came up in my head, I thought ‘Let’s get a better way for being able to throw out trash.’” Kelley wanted to create a more efficient way for people to throw out their trash and for cleaning crews to collect the trash. To do this, Kelley started by taping paper bags onto the bottom of chairs. The bag makes cleanup after the game easier, as all a janitor would have to do is pick the bag off the chair, instead of pick up the trash off of the floor.

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Silver Spring man remembered for activis…

20-07-2017 Hits:2414 Local Suzanne Pollak - avatar Suzanne Pollak

Jonathan Shurberg COURTESY OF KEVIN GILLOGLY Jonathan Shurberg, a Silver Spring attorney and Democratic activist, died Thursday morning after suffering from cancer and pneumonia. He was 54 years old.

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State News

Montgomery County resident Richard Madal…

20-07-2017 Hits:165 State Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

Kensington resident, state senator and vocal critic of the incumbent governor Richard Madaleno announced his candidacy for governor of Maryland on Monday. Madaleno, if elected, would be the first openly gay governor in history of Maryland. “I am running for governor, and I am going to win,” said Madaleno to applause at the Universities of Shady Grove.

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Bernie supports a Jealous vote

20-07-2017 Hits:342 State  Carolyn Komatsoulis - avatar Carolyn Komatsoulis

Though Gov. Larry Hogan says he did not vote for President Trump, Ben Jealous, a progressive candidate and former NAACP president, is trying to turn his campaign for governor in 2018 into a referendum on the two Republicans. “We are a great state with a great future with great people, but our children will not be able to realize their full potential if we continue to tolerate the status quo,” said Jealous. Hogan is popular in the state, but certainly not among progressive voters in Takoma Park, many of whom were drawn to Bernie Sanders’ appearance at the rally. Trump, however, is not as popular in Maryland, and Jealous is ready to capitalize on that.

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Raskin hopes to train next gen politicos

20-07-2017 Hits:311 State Nickolai Sukharev  - avatar Nickolai Sukharev

Since his first campaign for elected office in 2006, Congressman Jamie Raskin has trained young adults to become political organizers. "Politics at its best is all about education," said Raskin, who represents Maryland's 8th Congressional District. "You're educating people about the process, you're educating people about the substance of the issues, and then you're educating and getting educated by people about the prospects for real social and political change," he said. Known as Democracy Summer, the program was formed alongside Raskin's first campaign for the Maryland State Senate in 2006 as a way to not only conduct political outreach but also to educate and encourage young adults to become involved in politics.

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When someone sees the light

27-07-2017 Hits:581 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

When I was a small boy in Catholic Sunday school we were taught to welcome those who “See the light.”We even had a little song we’d sing with a refrain that ended “Enter. Rejoice and come in.” I always pictured a big room with punch and cookies – for after all I was only seven at the time.Now I know that the nuns were talking about Jesus – but that song and “seeing the light” stuck with me through much more. It helped shape my understanding and acceptance of culture, science, art and music.

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The president is right - and here's to y…

19-07-2017 Hits:4066 Editor's Notebook Brian Karem - avatar Brian Karem

The caller on the other end of the phone was adamant. “Have reporters lost their mojo?” She asked.Before I could respond she explained all the reasons why reporters are taken advantage of by the current presidential administration, how and why reporters need to react and how she was “tired of watching you all take it all the time.”She was also upset with reporters who “constantly tell me what to think,” and said the media are their own worst enemy.

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The president finally makes sense

13-07-2017 Hits:2128 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

I finally get it.All these months I could not understand why our president tried so hard to disrupt and destroy the investigation into Russian hacking of our elections. There are those who are convinced it is because the president was directly involved in collusion with the Russians.Still others think the president is just a buffoon, but I’ve never bought into that theory – he has some innate intelligence and survival instincts or he wouldn’t be able to thrive in the cutthroat world in which he’s cruised all these years.

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Big Train sneaks by T-Bolts 2-0 to take …

26-07-2017 Hits:151 Sports Harry Lichtman - avatar Harry Lichtman

BETHESDA – The No. 1 seeded team Bethesda Big Train beat the No. 6 seeded Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts 2-0 in Game One of the Cal Ripken League Championship Series Semifinals at Shirley Povich Field Tuesday.

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The T-Bolts are going to the playoffs

24-07-2017 Hits:168 Sports Eva Paspalis - avatar Eva Paspalis

SILVER SPRING – The Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts knew there was one spot left in the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League playoffs as they headed into a double header Friday against the Loudoun Riverdogs at Blair Stadium. The formula to earn that coveted sixth seed was simple in theory: Win out, and you’re in. The T-Bolts left nothing to chance as they swept the Riverdogs, winning the first game by a score of 6-3.

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Esposito walks off as Big Train beats T-…

22-07-2017 Hits:127 Sports Harry Lichtman - avatar Harry Lichtman

Vinny Esposito scoring the winning run on a walk-off home run as the Big Train defeat the Thunderbolts 7- 6. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH   BETHESDA — One night after clinching the South division and a first-round bye, the Bethesda Big Train (29-9) looked to keep the momentum going at home against the Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts (15-22) of the North division. This game went back and forth but ended with Big Train star infielder Vinny Esposito walking off in the bottom of the ninth inning to lift his team to a 7-6 victory. The Thunderbolts got things going in the top of the first when designated hitter Garrett Stonehouse hit an RBI single to drive in catcher Benito Santiago and give his team an early 1-0 lead.

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Local station celebrates a year of local…

20-07-2017 Hits:160 Entertainment Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

Marika Partridge first became passionate about radio when she stumbled upon a community radio station in Alaska while working as a cartographer. Now 32 years later and after 16 years as the director of NPR’s All Things Considered, Partridge, on the 16th, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of WOWD-LP Takoma Park 94.3FM, the radio station she founded. “I can walk over to a radio station, open the door and get on the air," Said Partridge. "It’s as if some angel designed my retirement plan for me.” Partridge, who retired from NPR to take care of her autistic child, first had the idea for local DC radio after hearing about the Prometheus Project, a non-profit organization focused on building low-powered radio stations.

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That rabbit is dynamite! - Nevermind the…

20-07-2017 Hits:157 Entertainment Barbara Trainin Blank  - avatar Barbara Trainin Blank

If you’re looking for light entertainment, catch the last show (July 23) of “Spamalot,” the current offering of the Rockville Musical Theatre. The show earned 14 Tony nominations when it came to Broadway in 2005, staged by gifted theater and film director Mike Nichols, who started his career as a comic. “Spamalot” won the Tony for Best Musical of the Year. The show is based on the 1975 cult classic — “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” -- or, as the theater program for “Spamalot” declares, it was “ripped off from the motion picture.”

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Fringe festival has enough for everyone …

20-07-2017 Hits:363 Entertainment Barbara Trainin Blank  - avatar Barbara Trainin Blank

Only five more days remain in the vast, multifaceted, and overwhelming (in a good sense) Capital Fringe Festival 2017. Though only in its 12th year, the annual event founded by artist and community organizer Julianne Brienza seems to have been around forever. Its goal according to the web site, is “expanding audiences’ appetites for independent, Fringe theatre, music, art, dance, and unclassifiable forms of live performance and visual art – and serving as a catalyst for cultural and community development.”

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