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Portables to be used at G-burg school

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Published on: Thursday, July 18, 2013

By Peter Rouleau

ROCKVILLE-The solution to Gaithersburg Elementary School’s overcrowding is, according to one parent, a “no-brainer.”  MCPS facilities data projects the school will be overenrolled by 172 students this fall. To accommodate the extra students, the county is constructing three portable classrooms along North Summit Avenue.

Cory Siansky, father of two Gaithersburg Elementary students, attended the Board of Education’s meeting on Tuesday to object to the construction plan and to offer alternative solutions.  

“We’re wasting money, and you’re putting student safety at risk in the process, and it’s 100 percent avoidable,” Siansky said in his prepared remarks. Noting that nearby Washington Grove Elementary, which also feeds into Gaithersburg High School, was projected to be under-enrolled by 204 students, Siansky proposed Gaithersburg’s fourth and fifth grade classes be transferred to Washington Grove, or boundaries be changed to bring some students from all grades at Gaithersburg Elementary to Washington Grove.  He urged the board to adopt one of these proposals before the start of the new school year.

“I hope that they’ll take action, but received no indication today that they would,” Siansky said.

“We appreciate any ideas from the public, and I it’s something I know that our facilities staff” said MCPS spokesperson Dan Tofig, “but redistricting is always  difficult,  facility issues are never that simple, but  we’re always open to ideas from the county.”

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