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Facebook gaffe Rocks city of Rockville

City servant’s resignation announced on social network

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Published on: Thursday, September 29, 2011

By Christa Puccio

ROCKVILLE - City Clerk of Rockville Glenda Evans resigned at the end of last week when she said the lack of respect and appreciation for her work by her coworkers and superiors caused her to lose her love for the job.

After a year-long struggle with the job that she thought was her dream job, something happened Tuesday morning that was just the icing on the cake.

“You know, you wake up at 3 in the morning and something says to you, ‘you know, I think you better go look at your personal file.’ I think there were some things in there that shouldn’t have been in there, especially without my knowledge.  I was clueless until last Tuesday morning.  I looked at it and I was taken back.  Up until Friday, I loved it.  I loved the job and then one of the things that I felt was that I didn’t have the support of the entire Mayor and Council.  At the end of the day you want the support of your superiors and when you don’t have that – I mean, what’s the point?”

The City of Rockville issued a press release stating that Evans will be on leave until her last day, Oct. 19.  Brenda Bean, Rockville Deputy City Clerk will be appointed on Sept. 26 as Acting City Clerk until the position is filled permanently at the Mayor and Council meeting and will “discuss the next steps to fill the position.”  The City of Rockville refused to further comment on the subject.

Facebook played a role in notifying the public about her resignation and multiple persons commented.  

Joseph Jordan, a candidate for Rockville City Council, said, “Wilma, I find this news very disturbing.  Glenda was always professional and prompt dealing with anything I asked for or needed.  I would get notes from her on weekends and late at night… shame on City Hall indeed.”

Wilma Shelton Bell responded, “I can’t believe the pettiness and mean spirited behavior of the 3 person majority.  The City deserves better than this.  Folks come to work here with sterling records only to have their character impugned and careers destroyed.”

Anne Mahoney Robbins, a former Rockville City Councilmember, also commented stating, “This whole business is extremely disturbing, and we citizens deserve better than this type of communication.  I believe that the M/C owe us an explanation; it is not fair to any employee to be treated unprofessionally, if this is the case.  It can only lead to unfounded rumors that can hurt people.”

“I am used to having the support of my superiors,” said Evans.  “This was new for me and I never experienced that before.  I had other job offers when I took the job with Rockville, but I wanted to work for the City of Rockville.  When I moved here, I had a dream job in my head and that was what I thought was my dream job I just got more and more disheartened as the week went on.  I got more and more disappointed and then by Friday I was like, ‘You know, I just don’t love it anymore.’   Up until then, people used to ask me about my job and I would say, ‘Oh, I love my job! I love the work!’ I absolutely loved it.  I loved going in and seeing that there’s something new to do.  And by that Friday I had lost it.  It just wasn’t there for me anymore.”

There were things put in her file that the City of Rockville did not make her aware of. “I’m not going to reveal what was in that file until October 19,” said Evans.  “I don’t want to disparage anybody, but I can tell you I want to go to work every day and I want my boss to have the upmost confidence in me and support me.  I want them to support my efforts and I want them to believe in me and I can tell you, if you don’t have that, what is the point?  There is no point.  You need the people you work with to believe in you and I wasn’t feeling it.”

After resigning from her position with the City of Rockville, Evans decided to go home to where she feels loved.  “I’m from Detroit and I just decided enough was enough and I will go back there,” she said.  “I do know that I have a tremendous amount of love and support there and I know that people don’t view me in the way that I think I was viewed in Rockville.  It’s disheartening when you feel you’re giving a job 150 percent.  I told someone I work 10 to 12 hour days and I would go in on the weekends.  I really gave the job a lot of my time and my commitment and at the end of the day I didn’t feel that people even noticed – no one cared.  It really did break my heart.”

Evans worked for 25 years as a legal secretary at a law firm in Michigan, spent 18 years with the City of Detroit, 10 of which was as the secretary of the city council, has a Master’s Degree and is pursuing another one.  “I was a late bloomer so I got my degrees later in life,” said Evans.  “So, at one point I would work nights at the law firm and days at the City of Detroit.  I’m telling you, my work record speaks for itself.  I came to Rockville with a stellar reputation.  I’m the person who leaves a job and they tell me to take the weekend to think about it.  I’m a person who leaves a job and they try to offer me more money to stay.  I’m not a person whose work ethic and dedication and commitment is not appreciated.  That’s just telling it like it is.”

Evans recalls her days which she loved her job at the City of Rockville.  “I used to be at work at 7:30 in the morning, I was so excited,” said Evans.  “And let me tell you, that was even on Fridays.  I would be at work at 7 on some days.  I was excited to start my day.  There were a lot of times I was the first one in the building and the last one out of the building.”

Evans does not have hard feelings toward Rockville, she simply does not want people to think that her resignation has anything to do with her performance.  “I’m not bitter at all,” said Evans.  “Nobody asked me to resign.  I think there might have been a surprise when I did.  I think there are some lessons to be learned here.”

From what people had written in her personal file, she said that she thinks her management style played into the way she was treated by her coworkers and superiors.  “I don’t think I am the way people perceive me to be,” said Evans.  

“I think I was always living in the shadow of the previous clerk.  The way they describe her, they wouldn’t describe me that way and that’s because that’s not who I am.  I like things done right and I believe in appropriateness.  I come from a law firm that documents have to be prepared in a certain way.  I don’t send out things that you changed with a pencil or something like that.  I bring a lot to the table when it comes to document preparation and ways to do things and I’m always bringing things into the 21st century.  I love technology and I believe you’re supposed to make it do everything that needs to be done.  I want to take it all the way to the top.  I have a healthy sense of humor and I think work should be fun too.”

Glenda commented on how she thinks the City of Rockville could have treated her better during her employment.  “I don’t need to be appreciated as much as I need to be respected for what I bring to the table,” said Evans.  

“I think that they should have gotten to know me and not listened to what other people said.  People may judge you by what someone else had told them and I think they should have gotten to know me.  I think that rather than criticize my management style you should think to yourself ‘Is there a reason why she thinks it should be done this way?’  

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