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Rockville will go outside city to conduct investigation

Scope of investigation could be larger than initially reported

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Published on: Thursday, April 19, 2012

By Christa Puccio

ROCKVILLE  - The City apparently won’t try to investigate itself in the wake of a scandal first reported three weeks ago in The Sentinel. Rockville’s acting city manager said, instead,  she will select someone outside of city government  to conduct an investigation into former employees’ claims of discrimination, harassment, tampering of personnel files and employee evaluations, and illegal disclosure of medical information.

But,  the scope of the investigation may be even larger than problems reported first in The Sentinel,  according to a Rockville spokesperson.

“Rockville's employees are one of its greatest assets and we recognize the importance of the policies and practices that impact them,” said Jennifer Kimball, acting city manager.  “I will be conducting a review of those policies and practices, and am currently developing the scope of the work, including the selection of an outside party to conduct the review and an assessment of cost. Once that has been determined, I will update the Mayor and Council and proceed with the work.”

Marylou Berg, public information officer for the City of Rockville, said the investigation may be even broader than the claims made by the former employees.  “The acting city manager has not determined the scope of the investigation,” said Berg.   Berg said she anticipates she will have more details regarding the investigation by next week, including what outside source will be used to investigate the claims and the cost of the investigation.

The allegations, according to city personnel, have been forwarded to the director of Human Resources, Carlos Vargas. According to sources inside the city Vargas has apparently lobbied against going to an outside investigator, but Vargas himself has repeatedly refused to comment about any allegations or his responsibilities to the city.

The problem surfaced last fall when a former Rockville city clerk accused the city of discriminating against her as a black female employee and without her knowledge stuffed her personnel file with spurious accusations. The former clerk received a severance package from the city totaling nearly $43,000.  Recently, four more employees brought their complaints of harassment, discrimination, tampering of personnel files and discrimination to the Sentinel.

Mayor of Rockville Phyllis Marcuccio said going to an outside source to investigate the City of Rockville and the claims made by the former employees is the best route.  “We’ll review the whole process to find out what in the world is going on,” said Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio.

Earlier this month, a former employee claimed that her employee evaluation was unprofessionally conducted.  “Rockville bases raises on the employee evaluations,” said Nancy Williams, a retired Community Planning and Development Services (CPDS) specialist.  “So, if you don’t get an employee evaluation you can’t get a raise.  I started complaining and it became an issue because [the supervisor] did not want to do it.  I put more pressure on [the supervisor] and started complaining at training sessions.  [The supervisor] decided to give me an employee evaluation that was awful.  [The supervisor] sat in front of me and screamed and hollered and was verbally abusive to me.  I documented that in the [grievance letter] I wrote to [the supervisor].”

Another former employee, Carol Reitz, wrote to the city manager, human resources and the mayor and council on Jan. 8, 2010 with similar complaints.  Reitz wrote, “As the months progressed, [the manager] took advantage of meetings to publicly berate and insult staff.  [The manager’s] comments were unprofessional, making comments regarding ethnic association.  Staff sensed bigotry in certain remarks [the manager] made about specific staff.  Because of the comments, there appeared to be a disregard or lack of respect for CPDS staff.  Needless to say, this behavior undermines the team effort, lowers morale, and infects all with a disrespectful attitude toward management, and is hardly representative of the Rockville Way… if staff disagrees with [the manager], [the manager] is quick to retaliate by creating impossible deadlines and workloads that are difficult to achieve in the time expected, particularly when relying on outside sources.”

Rietz also complained about evaluations being unprofessionally conducted.  “[The manager] also writes every evaluation, editing some at least three or four times, until [the manager] ‘evens the score’ for those who disagree or with whom [the manager] does not like by bringing the marks to the unacceptable level… When given my final edited edition, [the supervisor] apologized profusely for the low grading, saying with tears in [the supervisor’s] eyes, that I deserved better.”

In March, another employee, Charles Baker, a retired former chief of inspection services, claimed “The City of Rockville has become a toxic environment and a majority of people who come to work every day are in fear of losing their jobs.  Employees get zero support from human resources.  Anytime someone goes over and complains, there’s a partial, somewhat haphazard investigation and nothing ever comes of it.  You call them on the phone, they don’t answer.  You go over and ask for the person – they’re not in.  I went to the window and could see the person that I needed to speak with and was told they weren’t available.  There’s a huge problem within that agency.”

Baker said one manager demanded negative changes to another employee’s performance evaluation, Eric Rose.  “I had people I thought were doing a good job, [the manager] thought completely the opposite of that,” said Baker.  “[The manager] would force me to rewrite the evaluations that were full of lies, constantly.  Anything that moved from the Eric’s original evaluation was because I was forced to make the change by my manager.  [The manager] is supposed to just make sure everything was filled out properly, not change my evaluation.”

Rose, a former plumbing inspector, said claimed he endured racial discrimination and harassment during his tenure with the city.  “His comment was ‘I didn’t know black people could have a cowlick,’” said Rose.  “And that, behind all of the other things he’s said, I reported him.  It was the first time I did, but I probably could have many times before.”

Baker said that HR did an investigation but it was eventually “swept under the rug.” 

“The overall recommendation was that the entire department go through sensitivity training,” said Baker.  “Now, nothing was done to his supervisor, absolutely nothing.”

Reader Comments - 30 Total

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Posted By: CITY HALL RELIEF FUND On: 4/29/2012

Title: rec and parks is next

they "lost" several staff over the last few years and I know they were not happy with how things worked out. Look into the turnover rate for city staff over the last 5 years compared to the previous 15 and you will be BLOWN away. Burt Hall has lost control and only handles things through his temper. START OVER AT CITY HALL.

Posted By: Good friend On: 4/26/2012

Title: Friend

I have a good friend who works for the city. My friend has for sometime now spoken about the attitude in the city towards many staff.
It seems if you suck up to the boss, kiss and make nice you may survive.
I hear stories about late dealines, micro managing, changing work schedules, last min dealdines because the manager waited till the last second. Minor changes to documents that really mean nothing but show we have power.
leave request that go unanswered and the best is the manager just comes into work when they feel like and disapear when they feel llike.
I would love to see something happen to the bad managers, but have this sinking feeling that my friend might as well find a new job.
Their level of stress has impacted their family life to almost the breaking point.
I plan to tell everyone I know to visit this site and read about the city. Maybe as a group we can see that things change.
Everyone who reads this should tell their friends.

Posted By: Mitch On: 4/26/2012

Title: Scope of investigation could be larger than initially reported

Why and at what cost? Seems like you have some house cleaning to do. Oh wait.... could this be looking for ways out to discredit the people who came forward?
I bet the only thing to come out of this is some changes in policies and mandatory training for all city staff. How in the hell will the staff trust any investigation? I bet the staff are scared to death about talking.
Must really SUCK to work for the city.
Yeah, the old we can just ride the boat till the waves get calm and then it is back to abuse as normal.
Time to start the smoke machines fellas.

Posted By: Micki On: 4/26/2012

Title: Had to read 4 myself

Came here after a friend found the article. How could this happen in a city the size of Rockville? One would think the city would have had protections in place, instead some were sleeping on duty.
Those responsible should not even have a job by weeks end. You people should never manage anyone again.

Posted By: Dan On: 4/26/2012

Title: WOW

This is just horrific. Please fix the situation in city hall immediately. Whats next waterboarding the staff?

Posted By: Jackie :) On: 4/26/2012

Title: Cost

So why must the citizens pay to protect bad managers and a corrupt culture?
The city answer to the issue is sort of like locking the bank vault after the robbers have held up the bank. Little late there Sherlock.
I started to cry after reading the employee comments. So sad so very sad.
What a joke the city has become. Hopefully Madam Mayor you can get the city back on track.
I would like to thank Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio and the city council for stepping up to take on the problem.
Best wishes!
Jackie Conner

Posted By: Bubba Jackson On: 4/26/2012

Title: Get real

“It has been my experience in eight years with the City of Rockville, that employees’ concerns are taken seriously and I’m committed to ensuring that all of you have that experience,” Kimball wrote."
Oh my god!
The spin never stops in Rockville with this new quote from Ms. Kimball in Wed Gazette newspaper.
Darn looks like the city does not mind talking directly to the Gazette.
By all accounts the city did not take these employees seriously since we are now reading about the clear abuses in city hall.
let me say this is much worse than just poor management. Clearly comments like
" I will be reviewing the policies" and many others shows a complete disconect from reality. As a manager it is your responsibility to know the rules before a cesool like this one over flows in public.
Now due to the actions of some bad apples the entire tree must be cut down.
So much for Tree City 2011!
Get R Done Rockyville !!!

Posted By: I also cannot post On: 4/25/2012

Title: Response to Sad for my friends

I too have a wonderful supervisor but that person who just retired from the graphics had Mary Lou as her supervisor. I saw her come out of her yearly review a month or two ago in tears. I think she too was worked over. Hopefully she will say something.
Public Works had two young ladies quit. Both went to WSSC. The one worked at the front counter and she did not like her supervisor and the other was an engineer who just quit two weeks ago.
What happened to that nice man in Inspection Services who moved here from Florida? All of a sudden he was gone.

Posted By: James Thomas Sr. On: 4/25/2012

Title: Berg said she anticipates she will have more details regarding the investigation by next week, including what outside source will be used to investigate the claims and the cost of the investigation.

I just about fell out of the lazyboy reading this statement from Ms. Berg.
She reminds me of the paid hacks that work for corrupt big brother in DC.
The cost of the investigation? How in the hell can there be a cost estimate? This sounds like an open ended contract to me based on time needed to complete the investigation.
The cost Ms. Berg is not only to the tax payers, but the poor abused employees who the city have destroyed. Damn just reading this makes me mad!!!!
How can the city manager hire a company and us citizens not expect they will try to discredit all information leaked to the paper?
All I smell coming from inside city hall is more of the same cover up. Business as usual.
I suggest using the money to start a settlement fund for the employees who will end up filing lawsuits. I suggest adding a new item to the annual budget called the EMPLOYEE PROTECTION FUND.
Either way it is us t he poor tax payer who end up once again paying for screw ups in Rockville. Sad but so true!

Posted By: Mike On: 4/25/2012

Title: Dirt

Well there is no more room to sweep the dirt under the rug in Rockville. The dirty past is now front page in the local paper.
Just based on the information provided to the paper a blind person can see that this has been SOP for years.
Time for Rockville to FIRE the managers cited and clean house. Attempts to cover up this mess will not fly this time.
The real question is why do these people still have a job?
Please tell me as I wait with baited breath!

Posted By: Sorry I cannot post. :( On: 4/25/2012

Title: Sad for my friends

Last Friday I went to lunch in Town Center and happened to have my city jacket on. While ordering a woman came up to me and said she was was sorry for me since I worked for the city. How embarrassing! The lady indicated she had been following the news articles and was very mad at the city.
My supervisor is a good person, but I hear the stories about abuse in other departments. I must admit that there have been some very negative changes in city hall.
We all know the staff over in CPDS has been beat down by the department director. Just over the past few years many long term staff have left CPDS like Ed, Charlie and Guy. I really did not know Carol, Nancy and Eric but have heard the names.
Sort of makes me wonder if this was not part of the plan developed by Scott to rid the city of older workers.

Just think of all the institutional knowledge lost when these staff left employment.
I'm no longer proud of Rockville. I love my job, but these people who are being mistreated are like my family. Good people who worked hard.

Posted By: Jay M. On: 4/25/2012

Title: Trust no one

Why should the employees of the city trust the very system that has treated them like sub human waste?
Trust my friends has to be earned, and the city has by all accounts shown time and time again they cannot be trusted.
The Mayor and Council along with the new city manager have much hard work ahead in rebuilding Rockville.

Posted By: LMAO U GOTTA B KIDDIN On: 4/25/2012

Title: Attention managers

Well it is about time. As a city employee I cannot wait to have my attorney speak to the outside investigators on my behalf. It really stinks that we have to pay an attorney to see that we are protected

I expect whistle blower protection from the Mayor and Council.

The stories about HR are true. The city has a fraud tip line, but do not use it. The complaints go right back to HR. Anyone foolish to use this tip line will be rewarded with the golden boot out the door.

There are staff abused in many departments in the city like Public Works, Finance and yes CPDS. People in CPDS get the hell beat out of them.

Morale is a joke! The city sends us to training classes to learn about teamwork, but the managers still micro manage everything. Heck we even have a high paid person hand picked by the former city manager to provide training but for the life of many of us we have no clue exactly what this person does during the 4 days this person is at city hall. How is that secondary employment doing 4 you?

Do not ever complain to HR or anyone, since your ID will be revealed. Seems comments made on internal so called CONFIDENTIAL surveys have come back to haunt people. I added several comments about my boss suggesting improvements but the comments were not included. What is seen by the Mayor and Council relating to the internal surveys is only the good with some moderately negative comments. The surveys are clearly being manipulated by the Propaganda Ministry to only show the best side. The investigator should ask for all the internal surveys.

Now is the time to stand up against the brutal managers mostly hired by the former city manager to clean house of the older employees.

Posted By: Steve Perry On: 4/25/2012

Title: Spring Cleaning Time

Instead of planting trees in Rockville it is time to get the broom, mop and do some spring cleaning in city hall. There is something rotten that needs to be found quickly.
Wonder how the city will try to discredit all the staff that come forward. You can bet that the senior people in the city will be planning a response. Boy would I love to be a fly on the wall.
If this blog was not moderated, I would sure tell you managers what is really on my mind after reading these stories.
Having been raised in Montgomery County this is the worst pile of dung that has been exposed.

Posted By: Homer Simpson On: 4/24/2012

Title: Well done!

So much for tree city USA. The trees have to go because pest has infected city hall!

We have been paying for services and good wages only to find out that the inner culture in city hall is one of abusive managers. Well done Scott Ullery, damn fine job of turning the city into a huge pile of garbage.
The huge problem is that the minions hired by Ullery have not been called off and are still conducting business as usual.
Will something come from the external investigation? I for one tend to think that the level of fear and the current job market will play a key factor in the investigation. Just read the comments from inside city hall and there is honest to god fear of retalation.
The only way to rid the city of this cancer is to cut out the infected supervisors and replace them immediatey.
I too call for the immediate resignation of Kimball, Vargas, Swift and Purkey. This will be a good start in fixing the problem.
By every indication this abuse is not just isolated to one department in the city.
I agree with one other poster that the city is now looking for people to blame and make the abusive managers look like saints. Clearly no person in top management has any honor and must be forced out of office.

Posted By: JB On: 4/24/2012


Staff is scared to talk. Budgets are tight, people are worried about our jobs and supervisors know it. This investigation will go nowhere. I had a coworker tell me he contacted a lawyer already, but he is very worried about retalliation. This is NOT a healthy work environment. If the City IT Department would check, they would see DOZENS of us looking elsewhwere for employment.

Posted By: Simply horrified from Fallsgrove On: 4/24/2012

Title: Pay now or pay big later

4 weeks in a row now with articles exposing the City of Rockvilles dirt. Seems to this reader that the BS needs to stop and the city needs to stop protecting bad managers.
With just the evidence posted in each article it is clear that HR rules relating to harassment have been broken. What is so damn hard about firing the violators and moving on?
Why do we as taxpayers need to pay more money to give these people a fair shot?
The best thing is for these clods just to be fired and sent packing. There you have it plain and simple and to the point. Get rid of Swift, Vargas, Purkey, Kimbal.
To the rest of you managers who conduct business like the above listed peole. Start packing now and resign before you are too exposed.
These articles are the worst I have seen about any government and make DC look like a playground of fun.

Posted By: Chuck On: 4/23/2012

Title: Scary

Some city staff need to start looking for moving companies. :)
Please try to use a local company to keep the money in the city..LOL
Try for starters.
Really how long did you guys think that your mistreatment and violating the rules would remain secret? Now tax dollars will be used to investigate the mess you left. Have U people no shame?
Like others have indicated I bet the abuse is not limited to the one department mentioned, but suggest it is widespead and rampant in City Hall.
Citizens and the staff in Rockville deserve better from the second largest city in Maryland.
I moved from Rockville 9 years ago thank God! Maybe the town of Chevy Chase can provide training for Rockville managers.

Posted By: fearful On: 4/23/2012

Title: Please help us

I am a current city staff person and will come forward and meet with the company appointed by the Mayor and Council if someone like the Mayor tells us that our names will be protected for I fear loosing my job if the supervisors find out.

I work in a department not even mentioned in the articles. So the problem with abusive supervisors and poor morale is further reaching than reported by the paper.
I have seen my coworkers leaving in tears after having an evaluation. There is so much tension in city hall that it makes us constantly watch our back. Many very experienced people have left the city, found other jobs or just retired rather than continue to be mistreated by poor managers.
I know all the staff who have spoken out and will say they were well liked in City Hall and had very good reputations. You can bet the city is right now planning to attack these former staff with vicious comments to try to distract attention away from themselves. Even posting peoples names her would give the managers too much information. They no doubt are looking for people to blame right now. I have seen my supervisor take part truths and turn it into a huge lie and try to use it against me. My supervisor refuses to provide back up documentation for nasty evaluation comments. There is no appeal and it is worthless going to HR for help. Many have tried and then they get worked over even worse.
Madam Mayor and Council members you are our last hope, please do not for God's sake let us down we need your help!

Posted By: Fomer Clerk On: 4/23/2012

Title: Reply to Onlooker...

Why does Onlooker's comments cast aspersions and potentially libelous statements against the Former Clerk? Just what is the point being attempted in Onlooker's comments? Please note that "Libel" is defined as defamation by written or printed words. The "throw a rock and hide your hand" approach in making anonymous statements against an individual are potentially harmful, unfair and does not provide a level playing field. Research can be performed and the originator of such potentially libelous statements can be exposed. By the way, the City (as does most employers) performs background checks and calls references!

Posted By: Carl McFadden On: 4/23/2012


Ms. J. Kimball the only thing you should be working on is looking for a new place of employment and that should be done on your time.

What did you do as Assistant City Manager to protect these employees? Please tell me exactly how you went to Mr. Ullery to defend anyone.

Everyone knows that the gossip around the water cooler will tell to some degree what is happening. Clearly Ms. Kimball you covered your rear and were afraid to come forward. Has any staff told you about suspected abuse? if you had knowledge of abuses and did nothing damn right you should be fired.

Mr. Vargas you sir just failed the staff. You failed to enforce the rules on the books. Were you a puppet controlled my the city manager? Did he give you the marching orders to look the other way?
Ms. Swift just be glad I am a gentleman. If I had my way U would be demoted in rank to work on the city sewer system.

Four retired people from your department all telling the same story. If they retired from the city then they must have been vested long time staff.
Were you hired by Ullery to get rid of the older employees like the ones that are over 50 years old?
Did Ullery give you a big fat bonus?
You do know your salary is public record.
I hope the investigators find a pattern of abuse of the older staff in city hall. What I see is a clear case of age discrimination at the very least.

I will even purchase the boxes for the each of you to pack your stuff up and leave before more people come forward and make the city look even worse.

What a distraction for the Mayor and Council. If i were in their shoes I would be looking to make many sweeping changes in the way the city is run.

It has taken just over seven years to tear the city down. How many years will it take to rebuild a once proud city?
Oh my. I just remembered that Rociville is a sister city with Pinneberg Germany. I shall be sending a link to the good people in Germany.
Nothing like a good ole fashion scandal to improve relations.
Auf Wiedersehen!

Posted By: Former proud citizen. On: 4/23/2012

Title: Pass the popcorn the movie is on

The stories just seem to get more horrific as the weeks go on. There is only one way to fix this problem. Anyone care to take a wild guess?
Give Mr.Vargas and Ms. Swift the option of resigning or just fire them immediately.
I would imagine that with the investigation there will be many jobs to fill in the city.
So far this movie looks like a true horror film, but let's hope it has a happy ending.
Save the city further embarrassment and money.

Posted By: Mr. Patel On: 4/20/2012


You can bet that if these claims involved one of the blue collar workers or a person not part of the collective that the city would have fired them in a heartbeat.
But since now retired staff have come forward with the confirmation of illegal activities now the city is in full scrabble damage control mode.
It is to late for Mr. Vargas and Ms. Swift, it is time for them to just resign and save the city further embarrassment.
Quite frankly maybe it is time for a huge change at the top levels in the city.
Just imagine if the investigation finds much more abuse. Rockville will have hit ROCKBOTTOM.
The real question here is unless they depart immediately how much more dirt will be exposed? How willing is the city to continue to allow these staff to remain in their positions? As it sits right now we only know a small portion of what goes on behind the doors at city hall.
Once the investigation starts it will be hard to call off the dogs, and like these articles the problem will continue to make the city look real bad.
Maybe they should stay and more exceutive level managers will be caught with their hands in the government cookie jar.

Posted By: Onlooker On: 4/20/2012


Someone needs to look into the former clerk's work history. Someone also needs to ask why she doesn't talk about her work history. And someone needs to ask the mayor and council why her prior history wasn't vetted enough and why she was hired in the first place.

Posted By: T. Dennis On: 4/20/2012

Title: "We are a dedicated organization committed to enhancing the quality of life in Rockville by providing premium services in response to the needs of everyone who visits, works, and lives in our city."

The city has set themselves for this mess by not minding the store. Looks like the above mission statement needs to be revised to state "everyone who works in the city with the expection of the poor slobs who work for us.
Can you imagine all this going on and being covered up for years? It clearly looks like the culture in Rockville is one where upper bureaucrats have been running all over numerous staff for years.
Looks to me that the motto in Rockville should read: Ullerys way or the highway.
Where did these people learn how to manage? This is not the 1800's people. Yes we have progressed and every management handbook talks about how to promote the well being of staff. A healthy staff is far more productive and is apt to use far less sick days than one who lives in fear. Micro management has also been replaced with a partnership between upper management and the support staff.
We learned this many years ago in management 101.
Now the Mayor and Council under the great leadership of the Mayor has to suffer for these shortcomings.
I really wonder though how many staff will feel comfortable telling their stories to the independant investigatorl? Expecially after seeing how others have been treated under the current system. I might not be very trusting of the city based on past history.
I think it will take years and the firings of key staff to make changes necessary to restore trust in the system. If nothing happens with staff changes one can smell a cover up. Sorry just my opnion.

Posted By: Scared employee in the city. On: 4/19/2012

Title: I work for the city

I'm currently employed by the city and will confirm that the problem with abuse. Also moral is real low.
I also will say that there are more bad managers than those mentioned in the articles who are treat employees like the doormat. There is nobody to turn to. I know they have forced long term employees to retire and fired or suspended others.
Moral in very low in the city. The people who do not complain are either are cronies of the managers, slackers or want to just keep off the radar.
Some managers and directors seem to be good honest people who care about the employees. The ones who seem to be at issue were appointed by Scott. There are many who were promoted not because of their skill, but on their personality or ability to suck up.
If the Mayor and Council stipulate in writing that anyone speaking out will be protected and will remain anonymous, I will be glad to provide additional information.
Please for Gods sake do not try to contact me. I am scared to death just for publishing this comment. The city seems to have ways of tracking you down. Many of us trust no one.
I have a family and my paycheck is all the money we get.
They will fire me in a heartbeat if my ID is published.

Posted By: Withheld On: 4/19/2012


Clearly it is time for the City of Rockville to stop this abuse dead in its tracks, but it is scramble time in City Hall once again. I love the typical we are looking into the allegations comment. But just as you think it cannot get worse for the city low and behold this comes out from the acting city manager :"I will be conducting a review of those policies and practices".... OMG a little late don't you think! The problem is that everyone ignored the complaints or punished those who dared to complain.
Here is a suggestion Ms. Kimball. Read the section of the policy on harassment in your own procedures manual. Do I need to quote to you what you should already know?
What is it that U people do not get? No review is needed just step up and fire the culprits who clearly violated your existing policy and stop blowing smoke up our a#$.

Posted By: No way my name is going here. On: 4/19/2012


It is time that Carlos Vargas, Susan Swift and any other manager with a record of abuse to resign their positions immediately!
What are you waiting for? It is better for you to resign than be fired!
What has happened in Rockville for them to treat employees with so much disrespect?
I wish the best for the former employees who felt it was necessary to expose these horrid working conditions and abuses.

Posted By: Tom M On: 4/19/2012

Title: “Rockville's employees are one of its greatest assets and we recognize the importance of the policies and practices that impact them,” said Jennifer Kimball, acting city manager.

It only gets better or worse depending on what side of the fence you sit on.
How could anyone make such a statement that Rockville values employees. Yeah, without employees there would be no work completed.
How many senior and other level staff have simply resigned, took early retirement, been fired for no basis or just simply retired prior to being fired?
I imagine that the staff who came forward with these charges are now going to be labeled Whistle Blowers. Any of these people who try to even obtain employment after the city may find it very hard. Most employers hate Whistle Blowers. I imagine that these former employees are simply ruined in one way or another. Each of these staff cried out for the city to help them, but instead were confronted with information being leaked to supervisors and the abuse only got worse while the city manager, assistant city manager and worst of all the one person charged with the protection or enforcement of the rules of the city did nothing or possibly spent more time trying to get the complainers out of the system. Mr. Carlos Vargas you sir should be ashamed of yourself. Where is your honor?
I wonder how many weeks the city will be on the front page of the paper? The real problem is that now tax dollars have to be used because the people in charge were derelict in carrying out their job functions.
I completely agree with the other poster her, that Vargas in over his head and needs to leave the city employment immediately!!! Additionally Ms Swift you also should help Vargas pack the boxes and hit the unemployment trail.
Does take some gall to think that his team can conduct a fair investigation. Do not think that this story is going away just to be swept under the rug.
I would laugh, but I feel very bad for these former employees.
Damn this makes me mad!

Posted By: Rockville resident On: 4/19/2012


It has been evident for years that Vargas is in over his head, and should have been replaced long ago. His objections to conducting an investigation using an outside agent is the voice of a man fearful of what will be discovered. Mr. Vargas should resign immediately.


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