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Just missed it Mayans

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Published on: Thursday, January 03, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

The Mayans missed it by 10 days.

Ten days.

The world came to an end December 31, 2012 when fans of the Washington Redskins woke to find for the first time since 1999 their beloved Hogs had won the NFC East and entered the world of post-season playoffs for the first time since 2007.

You can’t blame the Mayans. How do you figure for Dan Snyder?

The Dallas faithful had to wipe the vomit from their cowboy boots and stumble home in a haze after Tony Romo ended all hope for the Cow Pokes with a last minute interception.

So, now the Hogs, with a boulder on their shoulder, feelin' kinda older, will trip the merry-go-round and they hope it won’t be unpleasing, sneezing and wheezing as their calliope crashes to the ground.

It’s a far cry from the middle of the year as the Hogs, awash in a 3-6 won-loss margin seemed to be looking ahead to next year.

Head coach Dr. Doolittle even said, after their sixth loss that the – then – very mediocre Redskin team had to find its heart and search for players who wanted to make a difference in the coming years.

But after that and before the destruction of the Cow Pokes last night, the New York Giants collapsed into a pool of mediocrity while the Eagles stumbled in lethargy and the Cowboys, troubled with ineptitude, hung on until the last dance with Mary Jane.

That came last night, and after years of wallowing in the shallows, the Hogs once again emerged to capture the NFC East.

Far be it from me to prophesize doom and gloom, for The ‘Skins actually look very dangerous right now. Robert Griffin III is the toast and talk of the town and can probably get a free Subway meal anywhere he wants, but right behind him is Alfred Morris who broke Clinton Portis’ rushing record in the final game of the season. Then consider head coach Dr. Doolittle, I mean Mike Shanahan who has worked patiently for three years overcoming the vile miasma which has dominated Redskin football for so long that Our Lady of Good Counsel began to emerge as the biggest pigskin point of pride in the Washington D.C. region. He can probably get a free meal in Dan Snyder’s press box any day – in addition to a hearty Subway sandwich.

Things are just looking dandy for the ‘Skins and the sky’s the limit for the once-feckless franchise which seems to have shaken the monkey off its back and deposited it as far west as say . . . Kansas City which now wallows in the steamy, torpid shallows of despair once reserved for Redskin fans.

Facing Seattle in the first round, the future hall of famers on the ‘Skins face an uphill battle for sure, but its one they can certainly overcome.

In fact, other than the 49ers or Packers, there isn’t a team in the NFC that can reasonably hope to vanquish this latest incarnation of the Hogwarts, I mean Hogs.

No wizards, just calm, cool coaching a lot of dealing in the draft and finally an owner who figured out the best thing to do was to stay out of the way.

But, this is Washington D.C.

We love talking of “fiscal cliffs” and “dangerous scenarios” as well as doomsday prophecy.

Is football any different?

Sure, every year the sum total of all the Washington Redskin fans on earth are convinced with each first down the team is headed for the Super Bowl.

This year, they might be right. The team has the momentum and the little intangibles that remind some prognosticators of the Super Bowl winning Green Bay Packers two years ago.

But this is Washington, D.C.

And I for one, remain unconvinced. I will not be blinded by the light nor cut loose like a deuce, for I am not another runner in the night.

We voted out ambulance fees by a referendum - and we still ended up with an ambulance fee.

Down in the district former Marion Barry went to prison after getting caught smoking crack cocaine and they’re still stuck with him in city government.

We talk about the need for reliable energy and we still have Pepco.

In short, nothing around here is what it seems. Sure, all the ‘Skins fans are riding high, living large and enjoy basking in the sunny delight of having a team in the playoffs.

However, I live in the D.C. area and I know it is a matter of time before the other shoe drops.

I merely hope I’m not under it when it does.

Remember, this is D.C. When the poo hits the fan, ‘Skin fans usually take it on the chin.

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