Fans fill the streets of D.C. to celebrate at Washington Capitals Parade

Fans fill the streets of D.C. to celebrate at Washington Capitals Parade
One man is dead after police involved shooting in Silver Spring
Montgomery County Sentinel Full Maryland Gubernatorial Debate
Montgomery County Sentinel Gubernatorial Debate Highlights

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Gaithersburg Council Responds to Olde To…

23-06-2018 Hits:108 Local Peter Rouleau - avatar Peter Rouleau

GAITHERSBURG — At Monday night’s meeting at City Hall, Mayor Jud Ashman and the City Council responded to public concerns about the economic condition of Olde Towne. The revitalization of this neighborhood on Gaithersburg’s east side, which includes City Hall, has long been cited as a priority by the city’s elected officials and staff. During the public comment period, Monica Lozada, a resident of the Deer Park neighborhood, addressed Ashman and the Council.

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Problems with Aspen Hill Library persist

23-06-2018 Hits:123 Local Peter Rouleau - avatar Peter Rouleau

ASPEN HILL — The Aspen Hill Library closed in November 2016 for a “refresh” project designed to modernize the building’s facilities. Staff members were temporarily assigned to other branches during the closure. The remodeling included an expanded children’s area, new carpeting and flooring, and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. The library reopened to the public on July 15 last year. Three months later, staff and area residents celebrated the 50th anniversary of the branch’s initial opening. Nearly a year after the reopening, some of the branch’s advocates say that, while the refresh did provide needed updates, other problems have persisted and perhaps were even exacerbated by the process.

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Local woman’s personal history provides …

23-06-2018 Hits:92 Local Suzanne Pollak - avatar Suzanne Pollak

Seen here in an interview last year, North Korean immigrant-turned-U.S. citizen Grace Jo expresses doubts on Kim Jong-un’s sincerity after recent summit between North Korea and the United States. FILE PHOTO BY MARK POETKERIt’s been 10 years since Grace Jo successfully fled her home in North Korea, but her memories of constant hunger, beatings, and fear remain close. That is why she doesn’t believe Kim Jong-un has any intention of helping his people. “To be honest, the whole thing is just going to benefit Korea,” the Montgomery County College student said of the recent summit between Kim and President Donald Trump.

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State News

Supreme Court to wait on Maryland gerrym…

21-06-2018 Hits:608 State Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

COURTESY PHOTO  The United States Supreme Court decided Monday to not rule on a case challenging the design of Maryland’s congressional districts – leaving the state's congressional map for the 2018 elections intact. The unanimous holding by the Supreme Court means that Maryland, along with several other states, will have to wait for the Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue of partisan gerrymandering. Partisan gerrymandering, the act taken by state legislators to redraw congressional districts to deliberately provide advantage to one political party over another, has become a hot topic in Maryland ever since legislators redrew the state’s congressional districts after the 2010 census.

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District 20 candidates show few differen…

15-06-2018 Hits:236 State Nickolai Sukharev - avatar Nickolai Sukharev

TAKOMA PARK — Seven Democratic candidates seeking to represent District 20 voters in the Maryland House of Delegates found themselves mainly in agreement as they spoke to voters at a forum Tuesday evening. With little daylight between them, the candidates gave similar responses to questions on a variety of topics, including Interstate 495 traffic, taxes, education, economic development, and the environment. Hosted jointly by the Women’s Democratic Club, The District 20 Breakfast Club, The Greater Silver Spring Democratic Club, Montgomery County Young Democrats, Montgomery Green Democrats, and the District 20 Caucus at Takoma Park Middle School, and moderated by former State delegate Karen Britto (District 16), the event featured incumbent delegates David Moon and Jheanelle Wilkins, immigration attorney Fatmata Barrie, community activist Lorig Charkoudian, data analyst Malik Lendzondzo, labor organizer Darian Unger, and lawyer George Zokle.

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Hogan sets up scholarship fund to offset…

18-05-2018 Hits:755 State Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

A recently-passed Maryland law will make attending community college more affordable for state residents. Last week, Gov. Larry Hogan (R) signed a bill that will help cover the cost of tuition for some state residents attending community colleges. The bill allocates $15 million in state funding to provide scholarships up to $5,000 for students whose family earn less than $150,000 a year or for adults with an income of $100,000 a year or less.

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Just Ask The Question!

19-06-2018 Hits:718 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

During the course of my career I’ve often been asked to speak to young reporters and students regarding the art of questioning.It boils down to “Ask the darn question.”There is an art to crafting a question and there is a gentle way to proceed with questions depending on the subject, the topic and a variety of other variables including but not limited to the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.At the end of the day, you must simply pull the trigger and ask the question.

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Mueller questions

14-06-2018 Hits:233 Paul's View Paul K. Schwartz - avatar Paul K. Schwartz

As the suspense mounts regarding whether the leader of the free world will submit to questioning by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the so-called “Russia investigation” and the existence of any “COLLUSION,” I thought it might be helpful to provide our president with some suggested answers to just a few of the 49 questions compiled by Trump's attorney, Jay Sekulow. As reported in the New York Times a few weeks back, these 49 questions were crafted by Sekulow from discussions with the Mueller team.The questions can be broken down into a few categories. These categories include questions related to the actions of and interaction with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, questions regarding conversations with former F.B.I. Director James Comey, questions pertaining to interaction with and decisions made by Attorney General Jefferson Sessions, and last, but certainly not least, questions dealing with any coordination by Trump or any members of his campaign (notice I did not use the word “COLLUSION”) with Rusha – I mean Russia).So, here goes:

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Happy Father's Day Mom!

13-06-2018 Hits:995 Editor's Notebook Brian Karem - avatar Brian Karem

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day and I’ve customarily spent the time thanking my dad for a variety of things he taught me. He was my first hero. When I was younger I wanted to grow up and be just like him.I admired his sense of humor and his love of athletics as well as the fact he held a position of prominence among the members of our neighborhood as he coached and mentored young men. He gave me sage advice and later in his life he was among my closest friends until his death.

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Cal Ripken League names Reynolds and Bur…

20-06-2018 Hits:214 Sports Harry Lichtman - avatar Harry Lichtman

Jason Reynolds (left) and Alec Burleson named Players of the Week. COURTESY PHOTOS  The Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League announced for the week of June 11-June 17 the Baltimore Dodgers’ Jason Reynolds as Pitcher of the Week and the Bethesda Big Train’s Alec Burleson as Offensive Player of the Week.

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RM Rockets hang on against Magruder in M…

20-06-2018 Hits:194 Sports Eva Paspalis - avatar Eva Paspalis

The Magruder Colonels put full-court pressure on the Richard Montgomery Rockets in the last few minutes of the game; here Magruder’s Malik Abudu (3) guards RM’s Austin Chung (2). Still, the Rockets managed to keep the Colonels at bay, winning 39-33. PHOTO BY JACQUI SOUTH  ROCKVILLE — The Richard Montgomery Rockets (2-2) capitalized on a strong first half effort to hold off the Magruder Colonels 39-33 Tuesday in the Maryland Elite Summer Basketball League at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School Daniel Pearl Memorial Gymnasium. Summer league play provides an opportunity for players, especially underclassmen, to fine-tune their skills and step up their game in anticipation of the regular season. Even though the Rockets took the court against Magruder (0-2) without their starting point guard and a few other key players, center Will Davenport (12 points) and guard Ryan Cornish (13 points) picked up the slack and made sure Richard Montgomery never trailed. In fact, a scoreless five minutes for Magruder led to a 7-0 Rockets run that haunted the Colonels for the rest of the game.

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Good Counsel boys beat Sherwood in summe…

20-06-2018 Hits:142 Sports Carlos Alfaro - avatar Carlos Alfaro

ROCKVILLE — A Good Counsel Falcons squad that gave up the lead only once suppressed the Sherwood Warriors Monday night in a Maryland Elite summer league basketball game, 58-43. Both teams came into the game with handicaps: a slimmer roster due to player commitments over the summer months and depleted of the previous season’s seniors. The limitations forced the teams to make do with what they had and showcased some of the new up-and-coming talent for both teams. The Falcons were a mostly young team made up of mostly sophomores, according to summer league head coach Anthony Guy. The Warriors sunk a three-pointer to counter the Falcons’ two-point start, but the Falcons retaliated in force. A six-point scoring streak gave the Falcons the lead and a momentum they never lost throughout the rest of the game. “Shots are going to fall, some shots are going to come out, there’s going to be turnovers, there’s going to be ebb and flows in the game, but as long as we can control our energy…some things that you can control and we’ve been trying to harp on all summer, especially with the younger guys,” said Guy.

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Takoma Park artist Clara Cornelius turns…

18-06-2018 Hits:175 Entertainment Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

  Local artist Clara Cornelius showcases her outdoor exhibit “Caesura Obscura” at the Pump House Pop-Up in Takoma Park. PHOTO BY MATT HOOKE  TAKOMA PARK — Local artist Clara Cornelius transformed the stone ruins of an old Takoma Park garage into a wonderland Sunday afternoon as she debuted her outdoor exhibit “Caesura Obscura,” a collection of cloth banners at the Pump House Pop-Up on Hilltop Road in Takoma Park. Children viewed the site with amazement, as they ran through the cloth tapestries with abandon while a drum circle played behind them. The cloth featured bright shades of blue, green, and red to help the art standout in the beige ruin. Cornelius would take photos of everyday objects, like sidewalk cracks, leaves, and signposts, and create patterns out of them that she would transfer to the cloth banners. Cornelius also used digitized cut-paper shapes for some pieces. A big inspiration for the Takoma Park resident is transient moments, like puddles in the sidewalk or raindrops on a windowsill, since those moments will never be experienced in the same way again. Cornelius encouraged people to get involved in art, laying out an activity called “magic carpets.” In this activity, people cut out paper shapes and add them...

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Victorian-era entertainment still resona…

07-06-2018 Hits:647 Entertainment Barbara Trainin Blank - avatar Barbara Trainin Blank

The title character (Robin Steitz) and the fake poet (Rick DuPuy) who courts her in Victorian Lyric Opera Company’s “Patience.” COURTESY PHOTO  Gilbert and Sullivan originally intended their operetta “Patience” to lampoon the church. Concerned about possible backlash, they poked fun of poets and the Aesthetic Movement instead. The mid-19-century movement believed in art for art’s sake and the pursuit of beauty and self-expression over the moral strictness of the Victorians, who, in turn, mocked the movement. “‘Patience’ is about people pretending to be poets and people pretending to love poets, and a dairy maid, who can’t understand people’s attachment to poetry,” said Felicity Ann Brown, who is directing the Victorian Lyric Opera Company production of the operetta. “She’s never been in love, and doesn’t understand why people want to be.” “Patience” doesn’t get performed often, she added, “because it’s hard to explain to audiences – the language is so poetic, and it makes fun of a movement people are not familiar with. But the music is beautiful.”

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Sentinel reporter returns to his roots i…

28-05-2018 Hits:612 Entertainment Kathleen Stubbs - avatar Kathleen Stubbs

Sentinel reporter Peter Rouleau recently published "Masquerade Ball," a collection of short stories -- many set in Montgomery County. COURTESY PHOTOS  ROCKVILLE — Silver Spring resident Peter Rouleau, 36, recently published the book “Masquerade Ball,” a collection of short stories, many of which are set in Montgomery County. In it, Rouleau explores “deception of how little we know about people we see day to day.” Rouleau said the inspiration for many of the stories comes from his five years working as a reporter for the Montgomery County Sentinel. Many of the stories are set within the county. One story takes place at the County Agricultural Fair, which the Sentinel has covered extensively.

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