Sen. Bernie Sanders endorses Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor

Sen. Bernie Sanders endorses Ben Jealous for Maryland Governor
Gov Larry Hogan visits Roboteam Inc
Montgomery Co. mother continues cancer treatment search after son dies
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Local News

Delaney announces run for President in 2…

28-07-2017 Hits:132 Local Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

Representative John Delaney announced in an op-ed in the Washington Post Friday that he is running for President of the United States, making him among the first Democrats to challenge Donald J. Trump for the White House in 2020.

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Local school steps up art program

28-07-2017 Hits:83 Local Kathleen Stubbs - avatar Kathleen Stubbs

A private elementary school in Rockville is partnering with an international organization to modify its art program.

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Two more candidates file for at-large se…

28-07-2017 Hits:131 Local Neal Earley - avatar Neal Earley

After a term-limit referendum passed in November keeping County Council members to three consecutive terms, a new crop of candidates have filed to run for County Council. With three of the four of the atlarge Council members – George Leventhal, Nancy Floreen and Marc Elrich – term limited, new candidates have declared their candidacy to fill the soon-to-be vacant seats for the June 2018 primary.

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State News

Montgomery County resident Richard Madal…

20-07-2017 Hits:201 State Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

Kensington resident, state senator and vocal critic of the incumbent governor Richard Madaleno announced his candidacy for governor of Maryland on Monday. Madaleno, if elected, would be the first openly gay governor in history of Maryland. “I am running for governor, and I am going to win,” said Madaleno to applause at the Universities of Shady Grove.

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Bernie supports a Jealous vote

20-07-2017 Hits:355 State  Carolyn Komatsoulis - avatar Carolyn Komatsoulis

Though Gov. Larry Hogan says he did not vote for President Trump, Ben Jealous, a progressive candidate and former NAACP president, is trying to turn his campaign for governor in 2018 into a referendum on the two Republicans. “We are a great state with a great future with great people, but our children will not be able to realize their full potential if we continue to tolerate the status quo,” said Jealous. Hogan is popular in the state, but certainly not among progressive voters in Takoma Park, many of whom were drawn to Bernie Sanders’ appearance at the rally. Trump, however, is not as popular in Maryland, and Jealous is ready to capitalize on that.

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Raskin hopes to train next gen politicos

20-07-2017 Hits:321 State Nickolai Sukharev  - avatar Nickolai Sukharev

Since his first campaign for elected office in 2006, Congressman Jamie Raskin has trained young adults to become political organizers. "Politics at its best is all about education," said Raskin, who represents Maryland's 8th Congressional District. "You're educating people about the process, you're educating people about the substance of the issues, and then you're educating and getting educated by people about the prospects for real social and political change," he said. Known as Democracy Summer, the program was formed alongside Raskin's first campaign for the Maryland State Senate in 2006 as a way to not only conduct political outreach but also to educate and encourage young adults to become involved in politics.

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When someone sees the light

27-07-2017 Hits:919 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

When I was a small boy in Catholic Sunday school we were taught to welcome those who “See the light.”We even had a little song we’d sing with a refrain that ended “Enter. Rejoice and come in.” I always pictured a big room with punch and cookies – for after all I was only seven at the time.Now I know that the nuns were talking about Jesus – but that song and “seeing the light” stuck with me through much more. It helped shape my understanding and acceptance of culture, science, art and music.

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The president is right - and here's to y…

19-07-2017 Hits:4093 Editor's Notebook Brian Karem - avatar Brian Karem

The caller on the other end of the phone was adamant. “Have reporters lost their mojo?” She asked.Before I could respond she explained all the reasons why reporters are taken advantage of by the current presidential administration, how and why reporters need to react and how she was “tired of watching you all take it all the time.”She was also upset with reporters who “constantly tell me what to think,” and said the media are their own worst enemy.

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The president finally makes sense

13-07-2017 Hits:2141 Editor's Notebook Brian J. Karem - avatar Brian J. Karem

I finally get it.All these months I could not understand why our president tried so hard to disrupt and destroy the investigation into Russian hacking of our elections. There are those who are convinced it is because the president was directly involved in collusion with the Russians.Still others think the president is just a buffoon, but I’ve never bought into that theory – he has some innate intelligence and survival instincts or he wouldn’t be able to thrive in the cutthroat world in which he’s cruised all these years.

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Gaithersburg knock Good Counsel out of t…

28-07-2017 Hits:124 Sports Eva Paspalis  - avatar Eva Paspalis

ROCKVILLE – The Maryland Elite Summer Basketball League playoffs kicked off Monday at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School Daniel Pearl Memorial Gymnasium. Third-seeded Gaithersburg clashed with Good Counsel in a game that saw the Trojans ride a dominant first half to a 53-38 victory to advance to the second round of the postseason. Gaithersburg rising senior Kevin Neal registered 20 points and was named Player of the Game. Even though the Falcons lost, rising senior guard Cameron Carter led all scorers with 22 points. Gaithersburg’s tight defense stymied the Falcons offensively as the Trojans scored 17 unanswered points to open the first half. In fact, of the 14 total points Good Counsel earned in the first half, Carter scored eight of them at the free-throw line.

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Harrell has the right stuff to just do i…

28-07-2017 Hits:199 Sports Marc Lande - avatar Marc Lande

The backbone of Greg ‘Slim’ Harrell, 55, mantra, who is still actively involved in athlete’s lives as an owner of a nutrition supplement company and an Olympic advisor, is naturalism. Even though Harrell retired from professional football and Olympic bobsledding in the 1990s, he still is actively engaged in getting that edge for him and everyone he comes to contact with in his day-today. Also, Harrell has a firm belief in the power of sports.

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Blakes’ Lana nails a three-pointer to si…

28-07-2017 Hits:111 Sports Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

 ROCKVILLE- With three seconds left on the clock James H. Blake’s Ibrahim Lana shot a 3- pointer from the corner to put the Bengals up by 2, and secure the 47- 45 Blake- Quince Orchard victory. Monday’s first round of the Maryland Elite Varsity basketball championship pitted two 6-4 high school teams, QO and Blake, against each other in a tightly contested match. “I just needed that shot,” said Lana, who finished with 16 points in the game, “During that whole game I was on and off, but at the end, I just had to flick my wrist on that last shot, and I knew it was good.”

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Event will showcase local documentary fi…

28-07-2017 Hits:208 Entertainment Peter Rouleau  - avatar Peter Rouleau

On August 6, a local non-profit organization will present the first installment of a series designed to allow aspiring documentary filmmakers to receive feedback. Erica Ginsberg, co-founder and executive director of Docs in Progress, said she became interested in filmmaking while participating in Montgomery County Public Schools Visual Arts Center as a student at Albert Einstein High School. “While I ended up focusing on international relations in my undergrad studies, I never lost my love for making art and other creative pursuits, and that was part of the impetus for my earning a graduate degree in film and becoming a documentary filmmaker.”

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Chopteeth brings Afro-Funk to Glen Echo …

28-07-2017 Hits:130 Entertainment Matt Hooke - avatar Matt Hooke

As the horn section blared out melodies over dense layers of percussion, the keyboardist for West African big band Chopteeth, Bill Dempsey, found a small place between the noise for an organ solo. The band headlined the Spanish Ballroom in Glen Echo Park on Saturday night, and Dempsey was able to fulfill one of his dreams. “I’ve been listening to this style of music for a long time; I’ve always dreamed of finding others to play it with. In Milwaukee, I thought it would never happen; in DC it did,” said Dempsey. “It’s a tribute to DC that you can find Ghanaian musicians, Nigerian musicians, and American musicians, all coming together.” Chopteeth was the brain child of singer/guitarist Michael Shereikis and bassist Robert Fox. Inspired by New York based band Antibalas; Fox asked Shereikis if he would be interested in starting an African big band. Shereikis, who was exposed to African music when he lived in the Ivory Coast as a member of the Peace Corps, agreed, and Chopteeth was born.

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Time for One man two Guvnors’ and lots o…

28-07-2017 Hits:77 Entertainment Barbara Trainin Blank  - avatar Barbara Trainin Blank

 “One Man, Two Guvnors” proves that there are no truly original plots. The work, written by British playwright Richard Bean, is an adaptation of “Servant of Two Masters,” a Commedia Dell’arte style comedy dating to 1743. That, in turn, derives from ancient Greek comedies. The adaptation, which played on Broadway after the original British run under the direction of Nicholas Hytner, takes place in 1963 Brighton, an English seaside resort.

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