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The running gun battle

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Published on: Thursday, April 11, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

I do not like wading into the middle of the ongoing gun battle going on across the country about owning and purchasing guns.

I find it to be a useless cyclical argument to which there seems to be no rational solution. It’s like arguing about abortion, religion, or the blue lines in hockey.

However, I stepped into it last week when I asked for a modicum of rational thought and logic as both sides beat each up over the issue.

Then this week a student on a college campus went nuts with a knife and stabbed a bunch of people, while a young girl who joined the military in Montgomery County apparently had her life taken by a recruiter with a gun who then turned the gun on himself.

So, before anyone mistakes my intent, my motives or what I’m saying, let me be as blunt as is humanly possible. I do not believe any additional gun legislation in this country will produce the results intended. Gun control doesn’t work. But, I don’t want to arm everyone either.

While crimes of passion account for a great number of deaths and thus keeping guns out of the hands of some of us is wise, the federal government has proven time and again it cannot adequately regulate current gun regulations. Adding even more laws to the books that cannot be adequately regulated is nothing more than mental …well it’s useless.

I also do not favor arming teachers. The reasons for this should be obvious. If you need a mental image to conjure up, just think of that crazy teacher you had in middle school that no one liked and everyone prayed you never got – now add a gun.

Mayhem will ensue. Further, once something does indeed happen there will be an uproar and furor such as we’ve never seen and further erosion of our constitutional rights will take place.

While our Federation columnist this week makes a very impassioned plea for gun legislation, it also steps over the line by calling the NRA an “extremist” organization. Well, I for one joined the NRA as a young man in order to learn firearm safety - even though at the time I had no desire to purchase a weapon. I just wanted the knowledge of how to operate a firearm. The NRA safety courses are second to none and valuable to everyone.

The Federation also calls into question those people who wish to possess assault weapons. The Federation mistakenly labels an assault weapon as a weapon of mass destruction which is a gross overstatement. An atomic bomb is a WMD. A scud missile can be a WMD. An assault rifle is still just an assault rifle. “Strictly limiting automatic and semi-automatic weapons to the military makes excellent sense,” our Federation tells us.

This would be laughable if it weren’t so naïve. Enemies in the field have no problem carrying as much firepower as possible. Limiting our military to carrying lesser armament is to condemn them to death. Perhaps the writer meant off-duty military personnel. If so, then they should’ve said so. I still don’t agree with it, but that statement portends disaster on many levels.

As for other statements regarding mass shootings “appearing to be becoming more common,” one should tread lightly where appearances are concerned and do a little more research to find out what the facts are.

The original title of this article was “Advocate against the terrorists living among us,” a title I changed because I believe it to be inflammatory and ill-conceived.

Let’s get down to cases. Both sides in this argument engage in far too much rhetoric and far too little fact finding. Many who support gun ownership merely point at the opposition and say “Hippy, tree hugger who wants to disarm us so the government can own us.”

Many on the other side refer to gun owners as “terrorists,” and equate guns to WMDs while decrying those who own guns as “Nazi-like.”


Both sides in this argument are against indiscriminate killing. Some put the blame on guns. Some blame people and believe all of us should be armed and educated to protect ourselves.

I support education so we evolve as a people beyond accepting indiscriminate shootings. I support the evolution of man and I imagine a time when this argument is done and over with, the same as other child-like arguments like “Why do I have to brush my teeth,” and “why do I have to clean up my room.”

There is NO substitution for education. Spend real money there and the results could be miraculous.

Just imagine such a world. I’d really like to think I’m not the only one.

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