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Whose guns? What control?

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Published on: Thursday, April 04, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

Apparently the U.S. Constitution is under attack again.

While many of us still give lip service to the venerable document, down in North Carolina legislators there have even given up that small bit of deference as they try to enact a state religion.

Some brand of Christianity is the religion of choice and though the measure seems doomed to failure, I must shake my head.  

Meanwhile, because of the Newtown Conn. school shooting, the Second Amendment has come under fire all across the former Republic, while the National Rifle Association makes the most ludicrous statements in a feeble attempt to defend the Constitution.

The half wits at the NRA continue to give ammunition to those who favor gun control by recommending teachers and others in schools be armed in order to fend off any stray gun attacks.

I guess no one at the NRA executive committee ever attended a public high school, because public school teachers in my experience are perhaps the last people who should be armed for any reason.

But seriously folks, who would pay for the millions in training, insurance and liability it would cost to arm and adequately train our public school teachers to take on the added roll of armed guards? The mindset that produces this logic is not only dysfunctional but leads me to wonder what’s in the water at the NRA?

But wait, before you call me a tree-hugging lefty, I’ll also give you the chance to call me a tea-bagger, a conservative and a Libertarian – though I don’t like any labels. But many find it easier to label folks, so here’s your chance:

I think gun control is like taking a sugar pill for a headache.

Let’s see if we can attempt to look at this issue logically. Additional gun control legislation will prove as fruitless as current gun control. The reason is quite simple; we cannot enforce current legislation because we do not pay to enforce the legislation, nor can we afford to do so. Effective gun legislation, I believe, is cost prohibitive.

While few people want to look at this side of the issue, it is the one which dominates my concerns, as well as the other side of the coin: The individual.

If we in this country truly valued life, then the need for any legislation would be pointless. That’s the evolutionary process we must force ourselves to confront.

I don’t want to limit anyone’s access to weapons; I merely want people to be conditioned so the thought of shooting another human being never enters their mind.

Now, that may in fact be an unobtainable goal, but so is gun control. There are far too many weapons, and far too many legitimate needs for guns to have any hope of effectively limiting their proliferation and use.

A modification of the humans who use them is the only true hope. Here’s where the Christians among us could really take center stage – if they lived up to the tenets of their faith.

All arguments for and against gun control are specious. I don’t buy the gun lobby is assisting terrorists, or pacifists are helping the government disarm us so we can live in a police state. I don’t think you need an assault weapon to go hunting, but then again I don’t think defending the Second Amendment is about hunting.

Some believe you’re being brainwashed into thinking the government wants to take away your guns to destroy our freedom – but I would remind them the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and hence you should be able to keep a gun – if you want one.

How does this compute in a world where a troubled youth can kill indiscriminately?

In the end there is no perfect solution which solves this problem 100 percent of the time – any more than you can eliminate all head injuries in the NFL no matter what rules you want to pass. At some point we have to accept the fact life is filled with risks and we have to make wise decisions in order to retain our illusion of safety without compromising our civil rights and sacrificing the cornerstone of our republic. Does legislation make this possible? I submit to you that it does not. Does arming teachers make us safer? I submit to you that also does not work.

In the end I am pushing for common sense and decency. I want to educate and evolve the populace. While it may seem I am a dreamer – I pray I’m not the only one because until we begin respecting each other enough not to pick up a weapon and shoot our fellow man then no manner of legislation will protect us and our Constitution remains in peril.

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Posted By: AL EISNER On: 4/11/2013



Democrats apparently know no bounds in their quest for gun control.

The second amendment and the right to own guns and Fire arms by law abiding American citizens, Must not be overthrown or defeated by the current Obama Administration.

Obama and his conspiring drive by news media have ruthlessly attacked and smeared the Tea Party, conservatives and talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Glenn Beck and other voices of freedom and truth.

Now Barack Hussein Obama will stop at nothing to attack the Constitution, the Tea Party and anything or anyone that stands in his way.

There is no excuse or explanation for such uncalled for and savage hate speech being leveled against gun owners and red-blooded Americans. We, the innocent, are being treated like law breakers. Our right to own firearms must not be infringed upon by the current Obama administration.


Posted By: irod On: 4/9/2013




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