D.C. United dominates fourth round of tourney

1003 20170613 DCUnited vs FC CristosDC United's keeper Travis Worra lies injured on the ground as United's Robinson and Christos FC’s Levi Houapeu have a heated exchange as Worra's head was struck by Houapeu's knee during play. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  In front of 5,286 enthusiastic fans, amateur team Christos FC took on DC United in a fourth round play of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. While in the first half of the game it looked like Christos FC were going to provide DC United a potential loss, by the end of the match DC United stood tall, soundly drubbing the amateur team, 4-1.
There was no lack of support for the scrappy amateur team from north of Baltimore. Sponsored by a liquor store, Christos FC team members profess they do not practice much, because they all have full-time jobs. However, that did not stop them from getting through the first three rounds of playoffs in the USOC. Winning their third round earned them a chance to play against DC United.

Fans for the team arrived in buses wearing yellow T-shirts showing their support, which counted for at least a third of the spectators. The match promised to be a nail-biter, and for the first half it was.
Christos FC was the first to score a goal. In the 23rd minute, Christos FC was awarded a free kick from just outside the 18-yardline of the box. Mamadou Kansaye of Christos FC lined up his shot, sending it just over the rising wall of DC United players who were trying to block it. Having the players so high in the air blocked the view of DC United’s keeper Travis Worra from seeing the position of the ball. Though Worra made a valiant effort to stop the incoming shot with an aerial leap to the side of his own, it was not enough and Christos FC was up 1-0.
However, DC United did not sit back. They continued to dominate possession on the ball and regularly opened opportunities for shots on goal. They just could not quite finish each attack until the 35th minute. Julian Büscher of DC United came in hot off a pass from Lamar Neagle and dropped a shot into the back of the net defended by Christos FC, scoring an equalizer for DC United.
The remainder of the first half looked like a stalemate with DC United not finishing runs, and Christos FC making a few of their own opportunities, keeping DC United on their toes.
In the second half, momentum stayed about the same. DC United dominated the ball but Christos FC would get their licks in and make runs at DC’s net. In one spectacular run by Christos FC, Aquilas Levi Houapeu collided with DC keeper Worra. It looked like Houapeu’s knee came into direct contact with the side of Worra’s head as Worra made an aggressive play for the ball. The resulting display of Worra on the ground and a player trying to comfort him led to a shouting and shoving match between United’s Jalen Robinson and Houapeu. It was starting to look like one of those baseball scenes where the dugouts empty and a brawl ensues, but cooler heads on both sides prevailed. The referee awarded Robinson and Houapeu a yellow card for their actions.
Minute 77 brought the substitution of Lloyd Sam to the field for DC United. Four minutes later, he scored a goal assisted by Julian Büscher. DC United was now up by one with a score of 2-1.
The gas ran out of whatever the Christos FC defense had left for the match. DC United turned the last 10 minutes of play into a shooting match, scoring two more goals by the end of play in the 90th minute.
DC United’s next home game will be on Wednesday, June 21, at 3:30 p.m. in RFK Stadium.

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