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Spirit stays on top of division with latest draw

20160507 Spirit vs Thorns-2Spirit defender Megan Oyster looks for a better angle on the ball while Thorns forward Nadia Nadim takes to the air to stop a Spirit pass.  PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  

BOYDS – National Women’s Soccer League leaders Washington Spirit battled Portland Thorns FC to a 0-0 draw in front a packed Soccerplex Saturday in a defensive struggle featuring five yellow cards.


Spirit remains one of area's best sports teams

Washington Spirit Logo

The Washington Spirit, the National Women’s Soccer League’s top ranked team, is a local team whose home field is Maureen Hendricks Field in Boyds, MD, but too many people in Montgomery County have no idea they exist.

Ask almost anyone on the street if they have heard of the Redskins and the answer is sure to be ‘yes.’ Ask about the Capitals or the Wizards, and again the answer is going to be ‘yes,’ unless they just moved here from another country, or they live under a rock. If you ask anyone about the Mystics, you don’t always get that immediate acknowledgement like you do when asking about the ‘Skins, Nationals, Capitals, or Wizards. It takes a couple of seconds before the answer comes to them: “Oh yeah, that women’s basketball team.”

 However, ask any young girl playing on a local soccer team about the Washington Spirit, and they will tell you who they are and who their hero on the team is. They know. They want to be one of the players on the Washington Spirit. 


Spirit keeps on rolling with victory over the Flash

20160416 Spirit vs Breakers 2The Washington Spirit celebrate a goal in their opening game.   PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE  

The Washington Spirit kept its undefeated season rolling Friday, defeating the host Western New York Flash 3-0 in Rochester at Sahlen's Stadium.


Shucks - this oyster has the heaviest Spirit foot

meganoyster-1Megan Oyster is a standout for the Washington Spirit. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE

The heavy boot on the Washington Spirit professional women’s soccer team is Megan Oyster, now in her second season with the Boyds-based team.

Megan is the only player who played every minute of every game the Spirit participated in for the 2015 season and that was her rookie year.

Drafted to the Spirit out of the college draft in 2015, Megan turned out to be a jewel of a find for the back line of the Washington Spirit.


Local Woman Scores Big for The Spirit

20160416 Spirit vs Breakers 1001Washington Spirit midfielder Joanna Lohman delivered the scoring kick to win the game for The Spirit vs. Boston, 1-0. PHOTO BY DAVID WOLFE

3,578 soccer fans were in attendance this past Saturday evening at Maureen Hendricks Field in Boyds, Maryland as the Washington Spirit opened the 2016 season with a win over the Boston Breakers, 1-0. 


The man with the plan takes over with The Spirit

20150530 Spirit vs Thorns 10Keeper Kelsey Wys double hand punches a corner kick away from the net.  FILE PHOTO  

The man with a plan is Jim Gabarra, the new head coach of the Washington Spirit. The team’s front office announced him as head coach and general manager last October. He started coaching on the field with the team, this week. Jim comes to the Washington Spirit armed with a program that has delivered league winners in the past and is expected to drive the Washington Spirit past the ceiling on championships by the Seattle Reign.


Concussions continue to be a problem in sports

Washington Spirit Logo

Brandi Chastain, the woman who ripped off her jersey showing off her joy and sports bra to the world after scoring the winning goal for the US women’s team in 1999 Women’s World Cup announced last week she will be donating her brain to science when she dies. She is donating it to Boston University. Her belief is scientists and neurologists at Boston University who study Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) may find in her brain a way to see how CTE develops in a brain of someone who has played soccer most of her life.