Court Report

In defense of the sitting judges

gavel2Montgomery County is very fortunate to have one of the finest group of Circuit Court judges in the State. Because the Maryland Constitution still includes a provision that Circuit Court judges appointed by the governor have to stand for election at the next general election, this year the four judges appointed to the Court since the last election will be on the ballot for the primary election on June 24.


"Sexting" isn't sex in a divorce case

gavel2The computer age has revolutionized life in this country, even more so as forms of electronic communication have continued to evolve. Among the seamier aspects of the use of smart phones that we have all heard about is the “sexting” phenomenon. How the law tries to adapt old legal principles to the electronic age is illustrated by a case from Maryland’s intermediate appellate Court last week in a case called Bergaris v. Bergaris.


Signs, signs everywhere a big ole sign


gavel2Maryland common law traditionally has held that an owner of property owes only a very limited duty to a trespasser on that property. There are statutes or regulations that the State or Counties have enacted that may regulate owner’s use of property, particularly for safety reasons. How these principles interact was explored by Maryland’s highest court this week in a case called Blackburn Limited Partnership v. Paul.