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We are now entering the era of President Donald Trump – ushered in by many voices with a variety of reasons.

The racists love him. But not everyone who is a racist voted for him. Those concerned with the Affordable Health Care Act love him because he announced he would dismantle it – though what we will replace it with no one seems to know.
Those who hate big government and taxes love him. He has vowed to help them. Those who do not understand economics and fear immigrants love him because he has vowed to build a wall on our Southern border – a wall which physically cannot be built and would be useless if it is – or indeed as many speculate detrimental to us should it be successfully built.
Those who hate Obama’s foreign policy love Trump.
Those who hate Democrats and believe Hillary Clinton is a criminal love him because he said he’d jail his opponent – though he now says he won’t.
Those who love Russia and the Russians love Trump and indeed those who embrace demagogues and despots probably love Trump.
Those who despise politics as usual love Trump’s message of draining the swamp though it appears he’s taken a McKinley approach and stacked his cabinet with every insider and billionaire he can put on the payroll.
There are many reasons why a minority of the voters yet a majority of the electoral votes were cast for Donald Trump – the next president of the United States.
At the end of the day, there is a common thread underlying his election as our next president – change from the status quo.
The Democrats preached a continuation of existing programs and didn’t hear the cry from the electorate about “Change” though President Barack Obama was elected on that very cry.
That tumultuous cry is what must be investigated, though. For it is the hubris of a spoiled people unwilling to be involved and willing to blame everyone else for their lot in life for which we must be wary.
We yell a lot, but as President Obama said in his farewell address, we must be vigilant and involved. Pick up a clipboard. Volunteer. You don’t like what’s going on in government? Run for office.
This has been the mantra of those involved in our Republic since Thomas Jefferson told us the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.
Those who complain about Trump cannot criticize him on one very critical element to his success – he threw his hat in the ring.
And complain as you want about him being rich and therefore it was easy for him, it is still a choice he was willing to make – and one most of us never bother to make because we’re afraid. Most of us don’t even vote. And more to the point, most of the decisions made which affect us on a daily basis are made by your local and state representatives. I assure you money is not that great of an obstacle at those levels and the mental acumen of our elected officials at those levels is not so overwhelming you would be barred entry if you try hard enough to get elected.
Many are now decrying the election of Trump as the harbinger of doom, the end of our Republic and indeed the end of our days on Earth. Predictions of the Rapture and Armageddon are almost boring in their recitation.
Moreover, it isn’t even the election of Donald Trump as president which is of our greatest concern for the Republic.
Rather, it is the inability to hold those in power accountable for their actions which poses the greatest threat to our government.
Those of us left among the ranks of the reporters should find ourselves invigorated at the prospect of a Trump presidency.
In President Trump’s first news conference after his election, he announced that the street brawl is on.
He’s called into question CNN’s credibility. He has already mocked a physically handicapped reporter.
If he doesn’t like you, then he’s going to refuse to call on you, dismiss you or attack you.
This isn’t a threat to our Republic rather a challenge to stand up and take our jobs seriously.
Trump, as he promised, may yet indeed unite us all – though not exactly in the method or fashion he imagined.
He displays the habits of a school yard bully. I understand the school yard bully.
While my brethren in the media search for new ways of operating in the age of Trump, I suggest we stay true to the idea of being disinterested third-party observers who fight and on occasion fail to provide vetted facts. And we should get off our butts and get into the ring. The Bully on his pulpit waits.
Mixed metaphors anyone?



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