Metro signs consent decree for ADA

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Metro officials signed an agreement this week with the Justice Department requiring training in the Americans with Disabilities Act for staff following allegations from a prospective employee, according to the consent decree.

“We are pleased to have reached a mutually acceptable resolution to this matter,” Metro spokesperson Sherri Ly said Thursday.


The case of the growling dog

Sean SpicerWhen approaching a growling dog wagging its tail, which end do you believe?
That’s the conundrum facing reporters in the White House press corps as the new administration works its way into a second month in office.
On the one hand we have a president calling the media the enemy while Tuesday press secretary Sean Spicer told assembled reporters the president has a “Deep respect for the First Amendment and the press.”


Transparency Watch: DNC, DOJ blocks and transit praise

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Transparency Watch

Each week The Sentinel staff will compile and report on the problems and promises of local, state and federal government officials as they provide us with public information.
We offer "Walls" to those who throw up roadblocks and "Windows to those who readily provide access.


*FBI Terrorist Screening Center spokesperson David Joly declined an interview request on behalf of Diane Kelleher, assistant director for the federal programs branch of the Department of Justice, regarding the terror screening database.

The DOJ nor the FBI will not be able to accept your request for an interview,” said Joly in an email to a reporter in reply to an interview request to Kelleher.

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