Promises, promises and the Dionne Warwick lament

Trump face

Oh, promises, their kind of promises, can just destroy a life
Oh, promises, those kind of promises, take all the joy from life
– by Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Elections, as we have all recently learned, have consequences. No one should be surprised that promises made by the elected candidate during the campaign run the risk of being implemented after the winner takes office.


Prep says "Fascist Club" claims are false

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Reports claiming President Donald Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch founded a "Fascism Forever Club," at Georgetown Prep in Montgomery county is apparently in error.

“No such club ever existed on Georgetown Prep's campus,” Patrick Coyle, director of marketing and communications for Georgetown Prep said.

Though a picture of Gorsuch in the school’s yearbook with the claim of being the founder and the president of the club made its way around the Internet and on social media, several former students at Prep said it isn’t unusual for kids to put prank club affiliations in the school’s yearbook.


Facts and the White House


White House Front Twilight

The Sentinel’s first “get” of the new presidential administration occurred Tuesday night around 7 p.m. outside of the West Wing of the White House.
While the expanded press pool waited inside the press room to be led over to the East Wing where the president and members of the Senate and House were scheduled to announce a Supreme Court nominee, a group of people gathered at the gate near the West Wing.
They looked to be guests. They were very well dressed and festive and they appeared to be friends and family of whoever the nominee was.

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