Immigration issue overshadows rape

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Outrage and sadness erupted after a girl reported a rape in a Rockville High School bathroom on March 16.

But the unity of emotion following the rape of a 14-year-old student comes to a crashing halt when the topic of immigration surfaces.


Outrage over high school rape

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Parents worry for safety while school system defends actions in wake of crime

Sanchez mug shotHenry E. Sanchez        POLICE COURTESY PHOTO

WASHINGTON D.C. – The federal government will take no special actions against Montgomery County or Rockville, according to White House press secretary Sean Spicer, following a rape of a 14- year-old female student at Rockville High School allegedly involving an 18-year-old and 17-year-old undocumented immigrants.

Both Rockville and Montgomery County do not cooperate with federal authorities on enforcing immigration law unless the person is a violent offender.

“Our policy and executive order speak for themselves,” Spicer said, but added there was “nothing special” planned against either the city or the county.

On Friday, police arrested two students from Rockville High School and charged them with first-degree rape, after allegedly raping a fellow female student Thursday morning around nine a.m.

Henry E. Sanchez, 18, and Jose O. Montano, 17, are both charged with one count of first-degree rape and two first-degree sex offenses and are being held without bond.


The politics of a local tragedy

Sanchez mug shot

Somewhere in this county right now a 14-year-old girl is confused, angry and hurting. Dragged into a bathroom at her high school and repeatedly raped, she has been violated and her humanity torn from her in a way no child should ever face.
An 18-year-old illegal immigrant stands accused of the crime along with a 17-year-old juvenile illegal immigrant – one of whom was facing deportation hearings - and because of who they are the story has taken on national significance.


Police arrest and charge two male students with rape at high school

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Montgomery County Police arrested and charged two male students, a 17-year-old and an 18-year-old, in connection with the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl at a high school, according to a news release.

The two individuals are being held without bond, according to Montgomery County State’s Attorney Spokesperson Ramon Korionoff.


Man found guilty of repeated rape

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gavel2  1

ROCKVILLE – A jury found a Silver Spring man guilty of nine counts of sexual abusing his ex-girlfriend’s daughter Aug. 18.

“This case is about a 12-year-old girl who was asleep in her bed, who was brutally and repeatedly raped by someone she considered a father or at the very least, a step-father,” said prosecutor Elizabeth Haynos.

According to police, 35-year-old Kester Cuthbert raped and sexually abused his victim during the course of two years from January 2013 to January 2015.

He is due back in court in October for sentencing and faces a maximum of 190 years in prison.


Two men charged with rape of 12-year-old girl in Wheaton

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781a166a-0d1e-4ccc-ae17-baa41943976f-large16x9 FromlefttorightCarbajalTomeFrom left to right: Enrique Carbajal, 24, and Victor Tome, 19, have been arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping. COURTESY PHOTO

Montgomery County Police detectives have arrested and charged 24-year-old Enrique Carbajal and 19-year-old Victor Tome with the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old girl in Wheaton. 


16-year-old faces rape charge

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ROCKVILLE – Sixteen-year-old Marquiz Turner will go to trial as an adult next month after allegedly raping his ex-girlfriend before her sudden death late on June 12 in front of the Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Police charged Turner as an adult with second-degree rape, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years despite new information that he is a special-education student “of somewhat limited intelligence,” according to Mary Siegfried, a public defender.


Woman dead after rape outside court house

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Policelights 1ROCKVILLE--A Gaithersburg woman is dead after she was raped late on June 12 in front of the Montgomery County Circuit Court, police confirmed.

Montgomery County Police arrested Marquiz Turner, 16, for raping his ex-girlfriend around 11:40 p.m. after a security guard saw the two fighting outside on surveillance cameras, according to court documents. Police charged Turner as an adult for second-degree rape, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years.

Police said in court documents the victim later began to have “medical issues” and stopped breathing in an ambulance on the way to Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam. The cause of death is still unknown, but will be public once the state medical examiner performs an autopsy, said police spokesperson Rick Goodale.

During a brief interview with police before her death, the victim said she and Turner dated for about a month and “ended the relationship because he was always pressuring her” to have sex. She also said she tried to push him away several times during the attack, according to court documents.

Turner, a Winston Churchill High School student, said he and the victim exchanged Facebook and text messages throughout that week and he believed they made an agreement that they would have sex after seeing a movie Friday night.

During an interview after the arrest, Turner told Detective Deana Mackie that he became angry when the victim “backed away from the agreement” and that she owed him this sexual favor. In court documents, police said Turner admitted to Mackie that he knew he was wrong to force himself on the victim.

He has no previous criminal history, but “displayed very little emotion” when he was told about the victim’s death, according to the documents. Turner is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in District Court on June 26.

"This is a troubling case,” said Ramon Korionoff, spokesman for Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office. “ We await the medical examiner's report and are keeping all our options open moving towards completion of the investigation by police."

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