Pondering straight answers during Easter

MC DC - Aging Spicer Before His   Time

From the time I was very young, I have often pondered the question: What is it all about?
Since I am made up of the atoms from an exploding star, am I merely nothing more than the Universe struggling to make sense of itself? Are all of us extensions of the vastness of creation experiencing itself consciously?
Why is there anything?
These thoughts often occur to me before my morning coffee and fade away into the shallowness of my daily existence before I take them on again each night before I fall asleep.


Did you hear the one?

PencilPaperPain for the Washington Redskins came abruptly to an end this week in the form of a Guillotine from Dallas in a beat down which would have John Lennon imagining a very large God.

Nothing has been more painful for a Washington D.C. football fan this year than watching the mighty Hawgs bow, scrape, fold, be torn asunder and have their butts kicked like an extra in a John Wayne movie.

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