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Boy did I take a beating this week – pun intended.

Not physically, but by several of my so-called liberal friends who told me I’d sold my soul to the devil or worse, to the GOP or perhaps Donald Trump, because I suggested corporal punishment – in some cases – is warranted by parents.

When browbeaten by a dozen or more of these do-gooders, my first reaction was, “Hey, it wasn’t me. It was my evil twin Skippy.”

Kind of like John Lennon saying, “Here’s another clue for you all. The Walrus was Paul.”

Nobody believes it and it isn’t true anyway.

So, I didn’t do that. In fact, I wholeheartedly claimed authorship of the statement, because it is how I feel – especially when I see a teen with their pants down around their knees waddling through a public venue.

Some of the comments tossed at me were, in retrospect, hilarious.

“There’s nothing a child does that deserves a spanking,” one woman told me. She waved her hand at me. “I don’t have kids, but I can tell you I would be able to talk them out of anything that would warrant a spanking,” she said deadpanned.

I nodded politely. As a parent of three, I had to concede her experience Trumped mine.

One woman told me “The problem with all you conservatives is that you want to beat people into submission.”

Another person told me the worst part of the conservative agenda is how the conservatives want to belittle people.

Me? Conservative?

Maybe I am. I don’t know. I can’t put labels on people any more. Today I’m not even sure what “Liberal” and “Conservative” mean. I used to know, but I confess I’m a stickler for the dictionary and not everyone else abides by my reference material.

I know I believe in justice for everyone despite their race, creed, color, ethnicity, height, religious affiliation and even if they’re Dallas Cowboy fans. I also support legalizing marijuana and prostitution on Sundays with the letter “A” in them.

I believe the government should help everyone get a leg up and I don’t mind tax and spend governments as long as they’re taxing the rich more than the poor and spending it on social programs rather than on guns. In the guns or butter argument, I definitely want the government money spent on butter.

I also believe in most instances the government should stay out of my life. The government governs best which governs least seems a reasonable assumption as well.

But, when did we begin thinking liberals are sissies and conservatives are tough guys?

Donald Trump waves his finger around threatening to spank an entire nation – when he’s never once put on a uniform. I keep thinking violence is the last refuge of the incompetent but I’m told I adhere to abusive violence if I support spanking a child.

I don’t see spanking a child as abuse – provided you administer the spanking in a logical fashion – without beating the Hell out of them and not from anger. A swat on the tush to remind the child not to stick a finger in a light socket could deter the child from more acrimonious behavior later.

Children need boundaries. Some respect the word and some respect the rod.

As I’ve said before – when we raised our children we had only two rules about spanking. First; if you get caught in a lie you’re going down Bubba. If you raise your hand to your mother, you’ll get a swat. Everything else is negotiable.

But seriously folks, what is the deal with “liberal” and “conservative” being buzz words for sissies and tough guys.

Some of the biggest sissies I know are conservatives. They’re mean-spirited wimps who want to crush everyone who disagrees with them. I’m thinking of Mitch McConnell and a lot of other obstructionists – you know the guys who never got a date in high school and are taking it out on the rest of us.

Maybe if they were spanked correctly as children they wouldn’t be acting out so violently on the rest of us today.

For in the long-run I see little difference between the teen who wears his pants down around his knees and the violent obstructionism offered to us by Mitch McConnell and many other politicians who put their party ahead of their country.

They are spoiled children who have no idea how to sacrifice for the greater good, or act properly in a polite society.

They need a spanking.

Here’s another clue for you all. The Walrus was Paul.





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