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Fredo MichaelI finally get it.
All these months I could not understand why our president tried so hard to disrupt and destroy the investigation into Russian hacking of our elections. There are those who are convinced it is because the president was directly involved in collusion with the Russians.
Still others think the president is just a buffoon, but I’ve never bought into that theory – he has some innate intelligence and survival instincts or he wouldn’t be able to thrive in the cutthroat world in which he’s cruised all these years.

None of it rang true. But now I get it. His son is in trouble. You circle the wagons and you protect your family. Honestly, nothing the president has done since he’s been in office rings so true or as honest as his actions this week when it became known that Donald Trump Jr. reached out during the election like a vicious rabid squirrel to grab a nut of information on the president’s now vanquished opponent Hillary Clinton from a Russian offering some intelligence.
Apparently Don Jr. could use some intelligence – the man is frequently referred to as “Fredo” in and around the White House – in a not-too-subtle allusion to the character Fredo in The Godfather.
But while the president’s supporters are screaming about the latest “nothing burger” the truth is it appears Don Fredo actually may have permanently scarred his father’s presidency for nothing. He didn’t get anything – apparently – for the gamble he took and the Russian scandal now appears more than ever to be swallowing up everyone close to the president.
So the “nothing burger” is he got nothing for what he wanted.
The White House staff has grown silent and partly sullen over the latest revelation because Don Jr.’s emails implicate him in at least trying to reach out to a Russian for damaging information on Clinton – therefore even in the minds of the most stalwart staffers it erases the “Holier than thou” narrative the White House has been using since its inception.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders who has all-but replaced Sean (Who’s that?) Spicer at the podium has relentlessly sneered at the media and constantly tells us how we don’t report the good news of this administration.
We’d really like too. After a week of travel abroad for the G-20 meeting and following some of the initiatives in the Middle East there are very real issues to discuss. Opening China for American beef sales is even of more interest than hearing the White House tell us how we ignore all the “real news” of the day and all this administration’s proud accomplishments.
Here’s the problem though – The White House is a scandal a minute and the president has no one to blame but himself – and by proxy – his surrogates who’ve offered us nothing but bad comedy, drama and “alternate facts” from the very beginning.
This continued all this week as Sander’s response to the Donald Jr. scandal was “Hillary and the Ukraine,” sounding more and more like the Alec Baldwin puppet in the “Team America” as he prattles on incoherently about global warming and peace initiatives.
But amazingly those who support President Trump continue to believe he is being hounded by the press more than any other president in history. The president, while praising his son for his transparency also attacked the media again for the biggest “Witch Hunt” in history.
Well if it is a witch hunt then it looks like Don Jr. just stepped up to announce he’s a witch.
For surely if Hillary Clinton were president and her daughter came forward and admitted she tried to get damning information on Donald Trump the war wagons would circle from the right and people would be screaming for her head.
The hypocrisy of this act is almost too hard to swallow.
I’m not even the guy who’s upset with everything the president has done. I firmly believe he has been attacked by the left and everything trivial and large is made larger because of the animosity against the president.
But the president and his supporters take no responsibility for this animosity. They continue pointing fingers and screaming “snowflake” and bringing up Hillary Clinton long after everyone has advanced beyond the election.
A friendly press member to the administration asked on Monday when the president would put Hillary Clinton and the election behind him and move forward.
It’s hard to move forward when you’re constantly shooting yourself in the foot and looking for someone else to blame.
Now the president’s motives are at least clearer to me. It’s hard to move forward when it’s your own progeny holding the smoking gun.


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