Sarah Huckabee Sanders is always right! Featured

In Tuesday’s press briefing Sarah Huckabee Sanders finally told me the truth.
When a reporter asked Sanders how the administration would deal with members of the GOP who believe the president isn’t being truthful Sanders said “I think by being truthful and transparent as he has every single day.”

Those are the most truthful words I’ve ever heard said in the press briefing room. If anyone wishes to argue this point I will take Sanders side and defend her and this point to the death. I know this is surprising coming from a man who disagreed with her and called her motives into question during a press briefing, but facts are facts.
President Donald Trump is as transparent as glass. He’s as easy to read as a McDonald’s Menu and just as filling. He is transparently misogynistic, insulting, crude, barbaric and as Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky said of Trump’s hero Andrew Jackson, “Ignorant, passionate, hypocritical, corrupt and easily swayed by the base men who surround him.”
I’ve seen President Trump make fun of disabled people, insult women, threaten protesters, debase the institutions which are the cornerstone of our nation, encourage violence, lie about the size of his inaugural crowd for no reason at all, continue to insult and vilify an opponent he beat in the election, introduce a budget that cuts services to underprivileged school children, gut the E.P.A., embrace extremists, insult transgender Americans, vilify and criminalize immigrants whose only crime is to enter this country without the proper paperwork while searching for the same thing that drove all of our ancestors to this land of opportunity, encourage fracking, deny science, support police brutality, tried to turn the Boy Scouts into his own Trump-Youth, threaten to cut funds to the arts, try to govern a country via Twitter, create a West Wing of chaos rivaled in drama only by the old television show “Dallas”, and all of it while enraging both his political allies and his opponents.
Further, when President Donald Trump says he’s bringing the country together – I won’t argue that point either. He is bringing it together – against him! To go even further – he may yet be responsible for the greatest awakening of the American spirit since the Revolution.
Of course, his popularity is so poor he had to usurp a Boy Scout Jamboree in order to provide us visuals of thousands of people listening to one of his speeches.
President Trump has given but one full news conference and yet he remains in my mind the single most transparent president ever to inhabit that office.
With many presidents we’ve had to wonder if they’d sold their soul, or where their soul resides when it comes to a particular issue. With president Trump you never have to worry about that. Whatever issue is under consideration – he’ll pick the side that will be guaranteed to do the most harm to the most people in the quickest amount of time – as long as he benefits from it.
Some say he’s sold his soul to the devil. Some say he is the devil. They give him too much credit or are far too invested in fictional religions to see just how transparent Trump really is.
He is neither a devil nor has he sold his soul to old Scratch. Donald Trump is an aging baby-boomer grandfather who’s never had to work a day in his life, feels his privilege gives him authority, is insecure about the fact he knows he never earned anything, is too old to change his mind and angry with the world over all slights imagined or real.
Unhappy with himself he makes the rest of the world around him just as unhappy. He keeps his staff in a constant state of agitation – and is scared to death the world will find him out to be the fraud he is.
President Trump is that transparent. And Sanders has never said anything nearly as accurate as that assessment of her boss’s actions in Tuesday’s press briefing.
General Kelly is now running the operations out of the West Wing and the real prayer among those in government is that Kelly, General McMaster and General Mattis can keep the republic in some kind of shape so the inadequacies revealed by Trump’s transparencies do not threaten the nation’s survival.
Further his transparency via Twitter has been more than enlightening, informative and entertaining – the tweets have been totally transparent and have even led some of his closest and dearest friends, advisers and probably family members to yell, “Put the Twitter finger in the holster Mr. President.”
Or as Sean Spicer is fond of saying, “The Tweet speaks for itself.” Yes, indeed it does.
You can argue that no matter how hard the president tries to obfuscate his moves, or explain his motives and actions the more transparent he becomes.
For this we must all be truly grateful. We wanted transparency in government. We got it.



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