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MC DC Wash Rinse Repeat in BW 1aAnd it's hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway
Don't you baby? – Tom Petty

The key to understanding President Trump is in realizing that nothing he or his administration does or says is as it seems.
He tells his staff they should let people think he’s crazy. His Christian spokesperson tells us it isn’t time for gun legislation that could have the very Christian outcome of saving lives because it’s time for Christian mourning of the victims from the latest and deadliest in a long line of mass murders.

A government that doesn’t make a move to end mass murders is a government intent on turning the populace against itself.

Meanwhile, on a return flight from Puerto Rico President Trump said he had a great trip and people loved him. No one does hurricane clean up like he does. And he fired the paper towels at victims to prove it.
Trump's also told us some racists are good people and athletes who take a knee are SOBs. He wants you to stand for the flag but by using his bully pulpit to intimidate others he uses very un-American ways to convince you of his point.
Those who think the president is stupid or a “dotard” are missing the point. There’s an advantage to be gained if your expectations are so low for the president that any day he doesn’t actually kill us all we consider it a good day. It’s part of the con.
The president is the all-American con man from close to New York City. Some of his cons are aimed at helping us and some of the cons – many argue most of them – are only to help himself.
He’s running his greatest and highest stakes con against North Korea. Trump rightly recognizes Kim Jong Un as a blowhard – like the poker player everyone knows is only holding a pair of twos, but has a backer who will stake his failing hand. Unlike other presidents Trump doesn't mind playing with Un. He enjoys the challenge of getting someone with a weaker hand to fold. The key is getting China to tell North Korea to take a seat instead of doubling down.

This could actually be the one crisis in the president's wheel house. He knows when someone is full of themselves and posing. He's got that act down so North Korea's not going to be able to rattle the empty scabbard and convince Trump of anything more than he's a junior member of the narcissistic leader club.
Meanwhile Trump’s treatment of Puerto Rico is horrendous. People are still without water and basic services, but Trump – who once acknowledged the island’s infrastructure was “totally destroyed” seems so uninterested in the plight of the U.S. citizens there now that he could be seen shooting free throws with rolls of paper towels at the victims of hurricane Maria in a viral and vile Puerto Rican photo op. Meanwhile he tells us all how happy the Puerto Rican residents are with the federal government's efforts on their behalf.
Don’t be fooled by any of it. The blue smoke and mirrors hides something far more dangerous.
Currently the president of the United States is dealing with a series of crises that should give us all pause for concern.
In North Korea the threat of global thermonuclear war looms if we make a misstep or simply a mistake. “Broken Arrows” are a serious business. How long can you play nuclear chicken without something going horribly wrong?

Meanwhile millions are still suffering in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida from a series of hurricanes. A madman with a stockpile of weapons mowed down 600 people and as of this writing has killed more people than have been reported dead from the hurricane in Puerto Rico.
If that isn’t enough, then there are the wildfires out west, the lingering anger and mistrust from Charlottesville, the spreading stain of Russian influence in the United States which seeks to undermine the foundation of our Republic, healthcare, taxes, immigration and other assorted issues including the fleeing executive staff members who’ve either quit or been fired that makes one pray nightly for the Republic – and if you are a Christian should have you on your knees praying for the president.
It goes without saying the country is the most divided it has been since the Vietnam War, which makes it more divided than any point since the Civil War.

The root cause is inside us all. We still have lingering issues left over from the Civil Rights era and Vietnam. The chasm between the rich and everyone else has only grown larger and the rich continue the shell game of division to keep us from realizing that as we argue over race, creed, religion and everything else – they continue to make off with the money.
Look again at the videotape of our president tossing paper towels at the disaffected. He’s never been where those people are and never will be. To him it’s a game. The ultimate con. It’s a wonder he didn’t pull out a t-shirt cannon and start firing “I survived Hurricane Maria” t-shirts sold by his company to the disaster victims in Puerto Rico.
And as we all suffer we should remember we really are all in this thing together. The President works for us, and we don’t work for him. And there’s nothing to say you can’t extend a helping hand to your neighbor despite whatever the president does.
There’s  also the hope and the prayer the president gets over his learning curve and begins working for the people. As for me- I’m still missing Tom Petty:

I'm moving on alone
Over ground that no one owns
Past statues that atone for my sins
There's a guard on every door
And a drink on every floor
Overflowing with a thousand amens

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