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TPW2F 1459972045 3144 list items hogans schultzThe White House continued several of its insipid, divisive and ultimately boring games this week. Boring because they are not as Nazi-like as the Far Left would have us all believe - unless you’re specifically talking about the Nazis in “Hogan’s Heroes.”
And I’ve seen all of those episodes.

But President Trump was working his two-minute drill hard this week, denying he ever said the “pu**y grabber,” thing and now claims the audiotape was fabricated - though he had in the past publicly acknowledged and apologized for the incident.
Later, in a Monday drill that was so unbelievably horrible several therapists declared it a definite cry for help, the president used Navajo Code Talkers as props in front of the portrait of the guy responsible for the Trail of Tears so he could use a Native American racial slur to insult Senator Elizabeth Warren. Trump then added insult to injury by telling the assembled Native Americans they were the “good ones.”
Then on Tuesday after first tweeting out that he was going to meet with “Chuck and Nancy,” Senator Chuck Schumer and Congress Woman Nancy Pelosi decided not to show up to visit the president after Trump tweeted accusations the Democrats wanted to flood the country with illegal aliens, were also weak on crime and wanted to “substantially” raise taxes.
He could’ve added they like to eat babies as well for it would be as true as anything else the President tweeted.
But Trump didn’t care. A short time later Pelosi and Schumer shot back rather cold retorts - canceling the meeting and opting to work with members of Congress instead of the president. It was cold, but professional.
How did the president respond? Probably after cackling with glee, he then canceled the daily press briefing and then brought in a small group of pool reporters and photographers. He made them stand in the hall in the upper press area for more than 30 minutes before bringing them into the Roosevelt room to watch three people speak for eight minutes while the president sat between two empty chairs with place cards clearly showing the empty seats were for Pelosi and Schumer.
Trump probably came up with the idea very quickly in a roundtable discussion with his closest minions. It was easy enough to arrange the empty chairs and senior officials. The reason the press probably had to wait so long was someone forgot to put a fresh toner in the laser printer which produced the name cards - that or someone had to bring General James Mattis to the meeting kicking and screaming.
The actions of Trump and “Chuck and Nancy” Tuesday show off the glaring problems with the Democrats and Republicans.
The President goes on a twitter-litter campaign to stir up the Democrats - purposely goading them into not-showing up at the White House. “They can’t be that stupid as to not show up. It’ll make it look like they’re obstructing,” someone in the WH probably said.
But of course the Democrats were that stupid. They didn’t learn any more than the president did on his recent trip to the Far East. Just show up, dance around, smile, throw a parade and Trump will spit out cattle and give you access to our banks in a heartbeat.
No instead the Democrats politely refuse to show up for the lunch meeting, President Bone Spurs cancels a press briefing for a photo-opportunity with a brief crowing about the senate tax bill making it out of committee and then he says he’s “Looking into the North Korean Missile Launch.”
Everyone in the press corps, and members of his own staff in lower press speculated North Korea would dominate the president’s remarks - and perhaps was the reason the president dropped the press briefing.
But no.
South Korea just bragged about launching its largest missile yet - a fact General Mattis seemingly confirmed after Trump made sure we saw him sitting between two empty chairs.
That’s all the thought the president and his inner circle seem to have - keep you dancing, keep up the cacophony and chaos while the operatives get a chance to do their thing.
Marc Short told me Tuesday he’s worried about more than two or three votes on the GOP side not voting for the big tax bill the President is pushing, and there’s a very real possibility of a CR to keep the government operating in order to avoid a shutdown.
And we get pictures of empty chairs.
The President is now choosing to deny an event occurred for which he already apologized. He dismisses North Korea with “We will handle it.” The Mueller investigation is continuing.
The President used a racial slur in front of and insulted Navajo Code Talkers. He hasn’t had one major legislative victory in a year.
But those empty chairs.



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