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Trump offers Democrat congratulationsI woke up to hope for the first time in a while this morning – a different America than I’ve experienced in the last year and it wasn’t just because the people of Alabama decided not to elect a racist who despises blacks, gays, and Muslims – oh and is accused of being a serial pedophile.
Sure that was part of it, but in the last few days I admit I’ve been waking up more hopeful because of several actions. Looking beyond the daily Twitter litter, I believe President Trump is part of this hope, as is Joe Biden, the Democrats and the Republicans.
For those who are looking for the curve ball, that’s not what this is about – well keep your eye on the ball just the same.

It began with President Trump’s vision for NASA announced last week. He wants the U.S. to “Lead an innovative and sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to enable human expansion across the solar system and to bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities. Beginning with missions beyond low-Earth orbit, the United States will lead the return of humans to the Moon for long-term exploration and utilization, followed by human missions to Mars and other destinations.”
If those words do not give you reason for hope, then I think you might want to check to see if you’re human. I don’t care who said them or the politics behind them – they were said and could be the next small step for mankind. Okay, call me a naïve dreamer.
Still, North Korea hasn’t blown up yet and there is some hope the president – even according to Joe Biden – might be on to something there.
Speaking of Biden, he came out this week and said he agrees with some of what is going on in the White House, but just wishes our president would quit tweeting and act more presidential. “Don’t be consumed with yourself,” Biden said. It gave me hope for it didn’t dismiss everything this president has done and paint him as an imp or a demon running nuts through the countryside – just a man child. Hey, you take the victories, however small, where you can.
Building on that, several Republicans in Alabama agreed to write-in votes for qualified members of the GOP – saying Roy Moore wasn’t qualified to be in the U.S. Senate – and they may have indeed washed their hands and sealed his fate. Maybe they were Rolling Stone fans – more cause for hope.
While the president applied a full-court press trying to get Moore into office, officially endorsing him and campaigning for him in nearby Florida, it didn’t work. That too gave me hope. Maybe people are ready to back away from the brink of destruction – what’s confusing you is just the nature of their game – or maybe we’re starting to catch on to it.
The Democrats give me cause for hope because they – at least in Alabama this week – seem to understand the key to success is hard work. Perhaps all of those years of entitlement blunted their senses. But if you want to succeed, as my father taught me, then you need to get up and work hard every day. You cannot assume the work is getting done and in the case of a political race you cannot assume people are getting off their backsides to cast a vote.
My profession gives me hope because reporters have re-learned the value of diligence, hard-nose reporting, and redoubling efforts to gather facts.
Finally the American people give me hope for I’ve seen – lately – the seeds of unity and not disparity and divisiveness I’ve grown accustomed to during the soon-to-be concluded year.
Sure, you can point to all kinds of problems still ongoing and seemingly pervasive. You can despair over the President’s Twitter litter. You can be angry that hundreds of thousands of people in Alabama were willing to elect a man to office many voters wouldn’t invite to their home for a barbecue. Perhaps you’re still laughing over Moore’s wife who defended her husband on charges of being a racist because she has many black friends and one of her lawyers, “. . . is a Jew.”
Then there is a mean-spirited tweet our President sent out to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand claiming she’d “do anything,” for campaign funding.
You can also be upset Sarah Huckabee Sanders threatened to kick CNN’s Jim Acosta out of a press pool if he asked a question of the president – which he did. You can be upset or amused Democrats still resemble sheep running lost through a minefield. You can even be upset because many members of the press continue to respond to every presidential tweet.
But as we enter the Christmas season, you cannot dispute these truths: Atticus Finch beat Bob Ewell in Alabama for a Senate seat. NASA’s future directives include a permanent base on the moon with eyes on exploration and the stars.
Even the most diehard Democrats can find common ground with the President – and on occasion the president – for example when he tweeted congratulations to Doug Jones – can act without malice.



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