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NuclearExplosionTurns out the President of the United States may not be a misogynist after all. He’s a misanthrope.
There is little else to conclude after the events of the past week.
It began with the breaking news that White House Staff Secretary for President Donald Trump, Rob Porter, apparently beat two of his ex-wives.
The information came to light when the FBI investigated Porter to give him security clearance. The story, complete with pictures of one of his wives with a black eye made the rounds and the White House began spinning like a turbo-charged child’s top.

Cracking on like smoke and oakum of old, a variety of Trump surrogates from Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Kellyanne Conway quickly denounced, but defended and otherwise deflected the accusations.
The White House ran into its usual problems because it couldn’t get the facts straight and the scandal took on greater portent when Chris Wray – the president’s handpicked FBI director contradicted administration assertions and testified before Congress the White House was responsible for Porter getting his job. Oh yeah, and apparently Porter was under consideration for a promotion before he was sacked.
The end result of this is John Kelly, the President’s Chief of Staff, who is a “Good man” according to Trump, is the man in the middle on this one.
Anthony Scaramucci, “The Mooch” is among those calling for Kelly to resign, a move that may or may not occur sooner rather than later.

“We’re going to be so far ahead of everybody else in nuclear like you’ve never seen before."

It looks like Trump will get that parade he wants in front of the White House - if nothing else from the endless stream of people who’ve quit or resigned from the White House since he took office.
Otherwise it doesn’t look very good for an administration that already seems to regard women as second-class citizens.
The realization those in charge of our government cares little about half of the population is indeed frightening, but the Trump administration never met a fact it couldn’t spin and it has become so used to twisting reality that even if reality would serve its purpose, it is doubtful the administration could harness the resources to handle the situation. It simply cannot do it.
The ennui in the White House Press Room is palpable from otherwise stalwart reporters who’ve grown slack-jawed at the daily misinformation fest sponsored by Donald Trump.
In fact “Ennui” is the name of the new combat badge given to reporters after serving a year in the White House bunker.
“Misanthrope” is the new presidential title after the other news broke in the White House this week. It wasn’t the Porter Scandal – now being investigated by Congress, it wasn’t the latest comical budget proposed by OMB Director Mick Mulvaney – a man who always looks like he’s ready to sell you a used Pinto.
It wasn’t even the very disturbing news the White House is doing nothing to prevent Russian hacking in the 2018 midterm elections (Well really why would they since it benefited them so much in the last election?).
It was, however, the under-reported story that came from a presidential appearance Monday before city and state government representatives.
In a speech the President of the United States declared we would enter into a new arms race. He wasn’t specific about who we’re in the race with, but he did promise nearly $50 billion to build new and more nuclear arms.
The insanity of this move is nearly unfathomable. Carl Sagan likened the arms race to two determined enemies standing in a room waist-deep in gasoline arguing over who has the most matches.
The President has proven he doesn’t care with his latest statements regarding nuclear warfare. He wants the bigger trigger. The most bombs. The best. He is willing to spend billions of dollars on weapons which could trigger Armageddon merely to be the little boy in the sandbox with the most toys.
“We’re going to be so far ahead of everybody else in nuclear like you’ve never seen before . . . far in excess of anybody else,” the president told us in his speech.
Any hope for sanity was removed when speaking of nuclear disarmament the president said specifically what everyone in the world already knows: The U.S. is no longer a leader. “We won’t lead the way,” he said of disarmament. “We will go along with them.”
We still don’t know who “Them” is but “We” ain’t having it.

No peace in our time. No safety net. Just an endless arms race led by a man who apparently hates all mankind.
So ends the American leadership on the issues of sanity and peace throughout the world.
With Trump there has been no moral high ground. Defending accused wife-beaters is deplorable.
Advocating a policy that could end the world is horrifying.

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