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Plane OverheadSomewhere in Potomac tonight there is a family sitting in a home that cost more than $1 million, upset with the noise coming from commercial aircraft flying into Reagan National Airport and they’ve convinced the county to spend $150,000 to an aviation expert in order to come up with alternative flight plans into Reagan.
Putting aside that it is still hard for me to swallow that there is an airport named after the president who took a giant squat on air traffic controllers, I’ll happily sign up to take the money from the county because I can tell you there can be little if no change in the traffic pattern at National.
That’s not something those people living in multi-million dollar homes want to hear, but it’s something that’s going to be said.

Suffering hard from the “Not in my backyard” syndrome, the residents don’t want to hear the planes flying into Reagan on final approach have few choices and air traffic will probably only increase during the ensuing years.
Nope. While the county is griping about a shortage of funds, the council will gladly spend $150,000 in order to give the “appearance” of doing something about the problem when we all know little if anything can be done.
The few hundred or few thousand, despite their affluence and influence will have a hard time displacing the airlines flying down the Potomac on the way to Reagan.
Speaking of futility, there I am back at the White House.
The president has shuffled through people with a frequency that would put the airline industry to shame at Reagan airport.
One of the first he unceremoniously cut loose was former FBI director James Comey who took a big swing at the president this week when he said the president was morally unfit to serve as president.
But Comey didn’t call for impeachment. He said Trump should serve as a wakeup call for all of us to get involved in government; vote, organize and otherwise take part in the government of, by and for the people. Trump’s response? He’s holed up at his funhouse in Mar-A-Lago hosting dignitaries from other countries and distancing himself from most of the press corps.
Meanwhile Nikki Haley got upset with Trump and other’s “Mansplaining” her actions and fired back with “I don’t get confused,” over her recent pronouncements about the administration’s tepid sanctions against Russia.
Trump continues to flail away wildly and widely at anyone and everyone in, out and around the campfire.
Comey has drawn a lot of his anger for the recent appearance on ABC television, but watching this president’s reaction to Comey is quickly becoming a study in futility.
And if it is futile to study it, then let’s move on to something else equally frustrating: the Mueller investigation and all of its ancillary investigations.
The rats are running fast from the approaching mower that is the Mueller investigation. Big Boy Michael Cohen, the president’s main fixer apparently had a very small client list as an attorney.
Guess who was on it? Sean, “Calamity” Hannity.
Hannity who appears to be clearly attached to several presidential appendages now can be seen for what he really is: a relatively expensive propaganda artist.
A commentator, a blogger, a shill, a rogue and a knave Hannity is part of the Fox News universe the president holds in great esteem and in so much as birds often flock together, there is no doubt and little surprise why we see the president’s personal attorney and fixer involved with Hannity.
But Trump’s claims to drain the swamp are becoming less credible as we find him surrounding himself with the kind of people most of us wouldn’t invite over to the house for a good barbecue.
Hannity is of course entitled to his opinions, but as the president is fond of screaming “Fake News” it behooves the rest of us to keep in mind where Hannity’s real allegiance lies – with Trump and not outside of Trump’s interests.
We live in strange times.
Rich people are upset with airliners cruising overhead. Presidents are called onto the carpet by former FBI chiefs (from their own party) and we are told the former head of the FBI can’t say for certain if our current president is being manipulated by Russia. A member of the independent press is proven to be deeply linked to the president and the rest of us sit and wonder.
In so much as I have little belief the residents of Potomac will be successful in changing the flight pattern of the jets flying into Reagan, I have the same belief about Trump changing his path.
He’s a creature of habit.
If you can’t change the habit then we should take Comey’s advice and at the next election change the creature.



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