Editor's Notebook

Alice in Pepperland via Oz

PencilPaperIn 1968, some 753 years after the signing of the Magna Carta, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band freed the good people of Pepperland from the likes of the bad people – Blue Meanies.

Today, some 46 anno Sgt. Pepper, bad people – the Blue Meanies along with the Snapping  Turtle Turks, Butterfly Stompers and Apple Bonkers are once again tormenting Pepperland.


Re-Tasking SWAT to something more useful

PencilPaperWe are blessed in Montgomery County for a variety of reasons. There is a high quality of living, plenty of parks, great schools, and many different venues for entertainment. There are great restaurants and a variety of life others across the country envy. We live a life many consider idyllic in a relatively crime-free county as well.


There goes a flock of 'em

PencilPaperIt’s all right now.

Well, maybe not – at least if you follow the less-than-Supreme-Court.

This week in a move that seemed to anger every democrat and empower every Tea-Bagger, I mean Tea Partier – I mean Republican, whatever, The Supreme Court nullified a very small portion of the Affordable Health Care Act.


Maybe Hooters works

PencilPaperSifting through the rubble of the primary elections in Maryland leaves one with the same feeling you get when you prepare for a huge party that went wrong. You buy all the trimmings, pay for a good rock band and then find out only your mother and her two spinster friends with bad dentures showed up to eat.


The carrom board

PencilPaperThis week my wife decided to throw a graduation party for my youngest son, who despite his best intentions to sleep and play X-Box through most of his teen years – well when he wasn’t playing football – managed to graduate high school even after earning the senior superlative for the student with the greatest display of “senior-itis.”