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DeBellisEvery story does not have two sides to be haggled over.  Hitler’s actions didn’t need rebutting. Joe McCarthy lacked validity and authentic evidence. The ku klux klan (a name I refuse to capitalize) never had a justifiable anything.

The truth will set you free and in the world of the news media means it will get you fired. Unbiased has become the new biased, an excuse to purposely allow lies to have equal weight as the facts.  Today’s media has compromised not only its integrity, but has caved into lunacy and put our country (and my blood pressure) at risk.

In primitive times the survivor of -hand-to hand combat was declared to be the one telling the truth. Today the truthsayer is the perceived winner of a more civilized combat that takes the form of a one segment debate, but is far more dangerous, and can determine fate of thousands, sometimes millions, in order to make billions. It’s the red meat that constantly tries to forage for ratings in an attempt to satiate the bellies of corporate gluttony. Unfortunately, no matter how much they devour, they don’t suffer from mogul reflux.

TV hosts and their accomplices, I mean peers, allowed John Kerry, a real patriot who served two stints in Vietnam, to be swift boated--a ship fueled by republican slander that obliterated his unselfish service to our country and cost him the election. Prior to that, without thorough investigation or verification the media was a tool for a vengeful administration and the Snidely Whiplash of politics, Dick Cheney, that allowed him to con us into war.

Now we have a candidate, Donald Trump, a misogynist and a blatant narcissist who dismantled businesses, refused to honor contracts, and has declared bankruptcy six times—fleecing companies out of money and destroyed the dreams of thousands—as a by-product of his butchery made himself r-r-r-richer.

In front of a world repulsed by his antics, except for our media who manufactured a reason not to eradicate his connection to humanity, he’s made detestable remarks about the disabled, women, and party rivals. Trumpet continues to verbally abuse those adversaries long after he’s trampled them. Trumpee spouts out lies that would cause a lie detector to short-circuit itself. Drumpy asked an oligarch of an emulous country to violate our national security and hack into his opponent’s emails—treason by any standards except for the netw—you get the picture.  The man is obviously not qualified to run a country nor his reptilian brain. He’s a threat that will imperil the free (for now) world.

The news media knows all about the man-child, emphasis on child, yet they permit the infant to spit out the outrageous, hurtful, disingenuous, lethal, and vile while pretending he’s a legitimate candidate for the highest office in our land and the most important on this planet.  Why? We all should know by now—r-r-r-ratings! I’ll say it again for those who are unconscious enough to vote for T-T- T-Trump. RATINGS! For a few paltry Nielson points they have mutilated the fourth estate, whose function is to question, probe and ultimately discover the unvarnished truth in order to protect the citizenry of our great country. Society needs authentication, not a menagerie of sideshow barkers mediated by network lap dogs.  I’d rather listen to Siri and her ineptitude than be subject to the fictional interpretation of the news.  Siri may confuse a command for a name and instead tell us how much half of a hippopotamus weighs, but at least she’s not camouflaging a malignant monster in sheep’s designer clothing. It’s time for the news media to face the truth and tell us they ARE NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!

John DeBellis is the author of "Standup Guys: A Generation of Laughs," a memoir of his days as a stand-up comic, currently available at:


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