What does it mean to be a reporter today? Featured

Press Hat TypewriterWhat does it mean to be a reporter in today’s world?
For decades, individuals picked up their newspapers for information on current or historical events. Among those events covered included social, political and sports activities. And you could always count on an opinion page with editorials and letters on the state of these affairs.
Our industry has grown from communication via a printed document to include radio, television, and now the Internet via computers and cell phones.
In many cases today individuals employ a multitude of means to obtain information previously supplied only by a printed newspaper. Still that information is provided by a writer - a journalist.

In the past such an individual was expected to check the facts before presenting them to a reader. During this era investigations led to information so that vetted facts would be delivered. Multiple opinions might be delivered on an event but the facts of an event would not be disputed.
There was no “Fake news.”
It is unfortunate that the traditional form of communication and the deliverer of information is being challenged. Every industry has its challenges. Usually a solution can be found for a problem. Today, our President does not like editorial content that does not agree with his analysis of facts.
He calls any such commentary “Fake News.” Today, tariffs might be levied on the raw product, paper, so the printed delivery of information might be prevented or only delivered by the Mega Corporation who can afford this new expense. Even those corporations are cutting their staffs to be economically viable. This is an unfortunate turn of events. Today not everybody is tech savvy enough to receive all information in an online version.
We all know that online communications can be hacked .This activity is performed frequently by individuals who don’t like the information presented and want their version delivered. Today people still desire to have journalists attend community functions and events. There is still a need for community newspapers. There is still a need for insightful journalists. Let us not allow this form of communication to be abolished.


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