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Letters published August 25, 2016

The Term Limit limited


To the editor;

What is good policy for the Obama administration is apparently not "good enough" policy for the esteemed political pols of MoCo.

"We are a country with term limits," says Secretary of State Kerry.

"We have overwhelming support for term limits," says Tom Periello of the State Department, speaking at Brookings. They facilitate "transitions, economic growth, and stability."

In "Obama Administration Comes out for Term Limits," Nicolas Tomboulides notes the numerous instances that the Obama administration has supported term limits, both in the US and abroad.

So why do the stalwart Democrats in MoCo want to go against their own administration's policies?

J. Snow



Science versus Religion

To the editor;

As a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I find no disparity between my religious beliefs and the art of science.

In a lecture delivered in Paris at the UNESCO house in 1984, Nobel Laureate Professor Abdus Salam emphasized that the Qur’an exhorts Muslims “to study nature, to reflect, to make the best use of reason in their search for the ultimate and to make the acquiring of knowledge and scientific comprehension part of the community’s life.”

The Prophet Muhammad emphasized the importance of knowledge by stating that it is the duty of every Muslim, man and woman, to become educated. He further enjoined his followers to seek knowledge, even if they had to travel to China (a difficult journey 1400 years ago).

This quest for knowledge is what sparked the Golden Age of Islam, a time of innovation and discovery within the Muslim world. Sadly, that passion for discovery fell ill to corrupt religious zealots and power-hungry despots.

In an effort to reignite that passion and prevent the radicalization of youth, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has urged young Muslim boys and girls to seek higher education and pursue avenues of research that are beneficial to all.

To this end, the Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists, USA will be holding its 4th Annual Holy Qur’an and Science Symposium at Bait-ur-Rehman Mosque in Silver Spring, MD on August 27th (muslimscientists.org). We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to join us on this unique day-long event, which will feature posters and presentations from scientists researching in various areas along with fun hands-on science experiments for all ages.

Ijaz Ahmed, PhD

General Secretary

Association of Ahmadi Muslim Scientists, USA


Ficker’s razzle dazzle

To the editor;

Robbin Ficker, Esq. delivered 18,000 voter petitions in favor of defending the people of Montgomery County: “I’m here as a defense attorney and I am defending the people of Montgomery County against a self-serving County Council.” (Robin Ficker takes petitions to County, 8/11/16) Obviously Mr. Ficker did not vote for the elected councilmembers.

What, where and when is Ficker’s evidence councilmembers were elected to be self-serving?

As a public defender, the Ficker referendum will limit unworthy politician’s service by voters who believe Robin Ficker is more trustworthy.

To be continued.

J. Martinelli



Pollyanna in Moco

To the editor;

“When you loook for the bad in mankind expecting to find it, you surely will,” from Pollyanna. I’m back in Rockville.

J.S., we might make good company. Let’s date Yes, I want to hit the Billboard Hot 100 with J. Spragues’ guide book lessons to cope with change - a hometown word. J.S. I am yours; completely regardless that bananas do not grow in Montgomery County.

Yours, Pollyanna.

P.S. At last, an imperative mood becomes relevant to be quahed - put an end to it by an absurd letter to the editor.

editor’s note: This is my favorite reply to an editor’s note addressing an “absurd” letter to the editor using an “imperative mood.”



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