Letters to the Editor, September 1, 2016

Young and homeless

To the editor;

John F. Kennedy once said, “The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.” If we truly believe in this, our future doesn’t look so bright.

Did you know that over one million youth experience at least one night of homelessness a year with over ½ million youth being homeless for at least one week or longer in the U.S.? (US DHHS).  This is a staggering statistic given that the U.S. is considered an international super power and one of the wealthiest nations in the world.  Youth are considered our future, yet we continue to allow a large portion of them to live on the streets with no end in sight.

Homeless youth are likely to resort to “survivor sex” where they sell their bodies for basic necessities.  This makes them even more susceptible to human trafficking, which may be difficult to escape.   According to one study, School-aged homeless children are more likely to become victim to sexual exploitation.  Additionally, 28 percent of youth that live on the street trade sex for their basic needs like food and shelter.  Human trafficking is quickly on the rise around the world, and we cannot allow our nation to become part of that statistic.

S. 262 The Homeless and Runaway Youth and Trafficking Prevention Act addresses these issues.  If passed the bill would provide additional funding and services to runaway and homeless youth as well as victims of human trafficking.  It would also make it illegal to discriminate against youth on any level for shelters receiving funding from this bill.

If you care, support S 262.  The future of our nation is at stake.  We all have a say in what will happen.

Call Senators: Barbara Mikulski at (202) 224-4654 and Ben Cardin at (202) 224-4524

B. Thong



For the Veterans

To the editor;

It Is the Time for Veterans to Act

As a United States Navy veteran, I am thoroughly disgusted with what I see going on in my country. The levels of corruption and abuse of power at the highest levels of our national government astound me. I asked myself what could I possibly do as a veteran to continue to honor the oath I took many years ago to protect and defend the Constitution.

Recently, I learned about a nationwide effort to rein in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government and return much of this power back to the state governments. In other words, return to the balance of power between the state and federal governments as originally intended in the Constitution by America's Founding Fathers.

This nationwide effort, called Convention of States (COS) Project, also seeks to require the federal government to operate under fiscal accountability (a true balanced budget requirement) as well as establish term limits (total years of service limitation) on members of Congress and federal judges.

I said to myself, now this is an effort I need to learn more about, which I did. I am an active supporter of COS Project, and now I urge all my fellow veterans to take that first step to become educated about this effort.  Support for COS Project by veterans could prove crucial to its success, so it is important to learn about the effort. In addition to the web site (, inquiries and/or requests for group presentations about COS Project can be made to e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (301)481-0348.  COS Project offers veterans a way to make a meaningful contribution toward fixing things for our country.  May God continue to bless these United States of America!

Michael Fry

Maryland Veterans Coalition Director

Convention of States Project (

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



More to Ficker’s Razzle to the  Jizzle

To the editor;

When Robin Ficker complains that the county council is self-serving, isn’t he being equally self-serving?

He doesn’t really care about the voters. He cares about himself. He goes on television promoting his obtuse angles on everything anytime someone from the right-wing nut camp will have him.

He’s still mad he hasn’t been elected to anything in this county and he wants to make the rest of us pay for it.

Ficker would be better off moving someplace that thinks the way he does. Perhaps he should move to Germany in the 1930s.

He would fit in better there and then.

He speaks out against progressives. So what’s the opposite of a progressive? He’s a regressive.

J. Flank



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