Letters to the Editor, September 15, 2016

Get Back Jack! Jack goes right!

To the editor;

Get it right

Right foot braking when driving automatic transmission vehicles is the way to stop your moving vehicle. By taken the right foot off the accelerator pedal and applying pressure to the brake pedal with the right foot is the right maneuver, no matter what Trevor W. Frith the unreal blame game man says.

J. Martinelli



New stuff for the tip (nut) line

To the editor;

The Alien Expeditionary Force completed their mission on Planet Earth before amphibian reptiles became lizards with adaptation to change color. It’s hard to know whether to be more amazed by the evolution of bigotry or outright idiocy - extreme folly or stupidity.

The same evolution has created blazon biped bodies that have taken over the U.S. Congress with rigid rigging gridlock. K Street Lobbyists wearing invincible dark shark skin suits bladly arrive on The Hill to commission elected represtatives who have collaborated to marke the organization. The aforementioned cover their footprints with invisible ink that makes transparency opaque.

Another tip is Robin Ficker is a juggler without juggles.




Regarding pedestrian traffic

To the editor;

Regarding your article “Leggett and Riemer unveil new pedestrian plans,” (7/7/16 page 9) the problem of pedestrians being in danger is caused by drivers not following the Maryland state law that they must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

In Montgomery County, being in a crosswalk is extremely dangerous because of drivers’ disregard for the safety and lives of the people walking in them.

As we cross the street, drivers - especially when making a left-hand turn, cut us off, weave between us and head straight toward us, leaving it to the pedestrian to save his or her own life.

Drivers should have their licenses revoked for not stopping for someone in a crosswalk.

D. Fallick.

Silver Spring


Regarding pediatric dental work

To the editor;

As a pediatric dental office serving Olney and the surrounding areas, we are saddened and disappointed to read the 2016-2017 edition of the Rights and Responsibilities in Montgomery County Public Schools excludes dental visits as excused absences. 

This book lists what is excused, but does not state wellness visits, mental health visits and physical therapy visits are excused absences.  The only reference that implies a doctor's visit under the bullet "Illness." No wonder parents are reluctant to consider their child's teeth a priority. 

Given all the latest research and connections to overall health, appointments to the dentist are as important as visits to primary care physicians. 

We truly hope the Montgomery County Board of Education will clarify the language for excused absences so that parents understand that a note from the dentist is an excused absence.

Thank you,

Olney Dental


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