Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22, 2016

My opinions versus your facts

To the editor;

When politicians accuse other politicians of corruption, fraud or misrepresentation without factual evidence to support “opinion deception;” those self-serving screwballs create hoaxes to fool gullible people to believe propaganda from politicians dealing marked cards for the blame game are not from the Jokers.

There is no evidence to prove P.T. Barnum said, “Thers a sucker born every minute.”

Is P.T. Barnum or any other sucker statement an opinion or is it a fact? Early example of the phrase are found among gamblers and confidence men (or women) entertaining clients in variegated establishments.

B. Castlander

Circus Trapeze Artist

editor’s note: amusement aside - what is in your water?


Hoeber doesn’t like Delaney

To the editor;

Having actually taken the time to travel throughout the district, I can tell you that Congressman John Delaney’s comments in The Sentinel’s September 1st gerrymandering article are insincere at best and a self-serving attack against Governor Hogan at worst.

Out of the possible 435 signatures in Congress, Delaney’s gerrymandering bills have never garnered more than 6 (which includes his own) – an anemic 1% of available signatures. If John Delaney sincerely cared about redistricting reform, he would have pushed harder to get his bills the support they needed to come to a vote.

Instead, Delaney’s gerrymandering bills are part of a laundry list of proposals he puts forward so that he can make empty claims in interviews. If he sincerely cared about redistricting reform, he wouldn’t allow these bills to collect dust in Congressional file cabinets.      

Furthermore, Delaney has been attacking Governor Hogan for years. No one will forget how Delaney harassed Governor Hogan and his family when he had an anti-Hogan billboard circle around the Governor’s residence in a petty, self-serving attempt to make a name for himself.

Unsurprisingly, Delaney has refused to work with Governor Hogan in the Governor’s attempt to create a Maryland bi-partisan redistricting commission. As long as Delaney wants to run for governor, he will pick fights with Governor Hogan whenever he can.

If John Delaney truly cared about his district, he would work with Governor Hogan to convince Annapolis to enact comprehensive redistricting reform, but –knowing his self-serving ambitions to run for Governor – he never will.

Amie Hoeber

candidate for congress


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