Letters to the Editor, October 20, 2016



Casting his vote for Van Hollen

To the editor;
In what has been a heated and often shocking election season, one thing remains true: we need to elect leaders who get things done. We need to elect people who not only fight for our values, but are willing to compromise when it is in the best interest of Maryland, as well. Chris Van Hollen is the pragmatic leader we need. At the end of the day, he gets it done.
For years, Republicans have tried to stop any and all efforts at progress or compromise. They orchestrated the government shutdown, and even now refuse to grant President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court a hearing, to say nothing about their flagrant refusal to fill the vacancy. In the face of it all, Chris Van Hollen has continued to reach across the aisle to be an effective legislator in Washington.


In 2014, Van Hollen led the charge to pass the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, which allows for tax-free accounts that make it easier for parents of children with disabilities to provide more financial security for their loved ones. And this year, he joined other legislators in a bipartisan effort to expand the ABLE Act to let workers with disabilities save part of their income in an ABLE account without risking their benefits. As Congressman and co-chairman of the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus, he’s worked across the aisle to make the fight to cure cancer a top priority. He’s putting pressure on drug companies, researchers, and Congress to work harder to save children with cancer, and he worked with both Democratic and Republican colleagues to pass two bipartisan bills to accelerate invaluable cancer treatment research.
That is an irreproachably stellar record of getting things done, making Congress work, and making it work for Marylanders.
J. Ceron
Silver Spring



Strangers in the Night

To the editor;
Sentinel letters to the editor from strangers in the dark are sublime.
The Red Queen of Hearts

editor’s note: Careful of such flirtations. My wife might get jealous.


More on water

To the editor;
There has never been a greater example of a newspaper conspiring with government than you water “series” about the quality of water in Montgomery County.
All you can come up with is 1800 water breaks a year, sediment and cancer causing agents (maybe) in the water. You are nothing more than defending WSSC and the Rockville Water company. You completely downplayed the problems of lead found in Rockville’s water by burying that story on your jump page.
I’m sticking to bottled water. The rest of it is poison and your “facts” don’t matter.
G. Savern

editor’s note: Well if facts can’t pursuade you, then I can’t help you. Ours was an independent investigation. And if you think we’re in cahoots with Rockville see the next letter:


Lead, water and well whatever

To the editor;
“Lead found in Rockville water,” the headline of The Sentinel’s Oct. 13-16 edition article about testing lead and copper levels in the city’s water supply, probably needlessly worried some of your readers and our water customers. I’d appreciate the opportunity to add much-needed clarity lacking in the story.
The test results are, in fact, good news for users of Rockville water. Readers who scanned only the headline may have missed that only two of 33 residential homes showed any trace of lead — no lead was found in the 31 others. More importantly, in those two homes, those trace amounts of lead were so small they are negligible.
Judy Ding
Acting Director of Public Works
Department of Public Works
City of Rockville

editor’s note: See previous letter




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