Letters to the Editor – November 17, 2016

Trump Broken promises? 

To the editor;
The promise during the campaign by Donald Trump to move the U. S.. embassy finally to Jerusalem reminds me of the words of an old familiar song "We have heard that song before, it's from an old familiar score".

Certainly the promise has been made many times before but always reneged on whether it be Reagan, the first Bush, Clinton, the second Bush or Obama.
The same excuse is that it will harm the non-existent negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.
This view endorsed by our State Department ignores the fact that no meaningful negotiations have occurred during the mentioned presidential term or terms in office because of the intransgenace of the Palestinian Authority
Will Donald Trump pursue the same inaction. I hope not.
N. Marans

Get those kids off my lawn!

To the editor;
There were a lot of protests this week by students in Montgomery County. They should be suspended from school and given a pacifer for crying so much.
This is what happens when everyone gets participation trophies. And I’ve heard that most of these protesters were paid to be there by the Hillary campaign.
The same with the graffiti and the defacement of churches. We all know the Democratic party is the party of rascism and not the Republican party.
But the mainstream media won’t report it.
T. Shaun
Montgomery County

editor’s note; While I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, perhaps it would do you well to refrain from Breitbart and Fox news talking points and vet your news. The protesters here weren’t paid to be there. They were high school students. And the police are still investigating the hate crimes in the county. We have faith they will do a thorough job and will report on them as the facts become available. Your speculation is pointless.

We missed that meeting

To the editor;
It is no secret that far-left has a friend in the Montgomery County Sentinel. The Kapiloff family has long been supporters of the Liberal Media.
Now that we have a real President coming into office, the time for this leftist garbage will be long over.
You will not be able to print what you want anyway you want it.
You can take your liberal columnists like Paul Schwartz, and your softon-crime cartoonists and your liberal editors and close up shop.
The problem with everyone in the Leftist-Liberal-Media is that we have grown tired of you making up the news.
It is time for real Americans to stand up and be counted.
With President Trump in office we don’t have to be afraid any more.
G. Winston
Montgomery County

editor’s note: you’re afraid?


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