Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor published August 11, 2016

You put your left foot in .  .  .

To the editor;


Yes there is and we should care because in the last 50 years it can be blamed for the deaths of 30,000 people, the life changing injuries to millions and the financial cost of billions and this is just in parking lots! Multiply a few times when you add in the roadways.

Who is in this lobby? Those in charge of driver legislation and training and most drivers of automatic transmission cars who have been indoctrinated to use only the right foot to operate both the gas pedal and the brake pedal, based on the scientific proof of, “my father and the driving instructor said it was the only way”.

NHTSA has published data indicating that right foot pedal errors cause about 18,000 parking lot crashes each year. The lobby blames it on women and the old drivers. They refuse to even consider that right foot braking on automatic cars is too complicated for the average driver, regardless of age or gender, especially in a moment of panic.

Please for the sake of the pedestrians, cyclists and especially the children, ask those in charge to commit to a scientific study comparing right foot braking with the Left Foot Braking Method (, or other safer Google like methods of braking.                                                                                                              

T.W. Frith

Address withheld


Rockville heads on the Pike

To the editor;

Now I am seriously distressed by the fact that the Mayor and Council unanimously passed this seriously flawed document.(The Rockville Pike Plan).

It contains nothing about estimated costs, who would pay for them, how city residents would manage during the construction/disruption, nothing about parks, nothing about dealing with school capacity within the Pike area, already at or above capacity, that would be adversely affected by doubling the city’s population, for starters. 

And what does the Mayor and Council do?  They congratulate themselves and worry about bike lanes.  I am seriously distressed.

J. Gelin



Not Necessarily the news

To the editor;

I have seen dozens of teenagers and young mothers gathering near the artificial beach on lake Whetstone in Montgomery Village. Why are they there? Why hasn’t anyone covered this?

T. Thompson


editor’s note: Unless you are of the Mr. Wilson, “You kids get off my lawn,” variety of human being, teens and young mothers gathering at a beach isn’t news. Whatever are you implying?



Letters to the Editor published July 28, 2016

Crossing the Jewish Rubicon


To the editor;

I have written before about the seemingly delusional weekly columns by the Sentinel’s Paul Schwartz.  His latest, “A bid of ‘No Trump” beats Trump every time” however reaches new heights. 

It’s a given Schwartz is a flaming liberal apologist for America.  But Schwartz’s inability, for example, to casually admit that Mrs. Clinton did anything wrong with her e-mails, including the hundreds that were marked classified is astounding.  Even after Schwartz babbles on about his former security clearance and how he treated classified information like, “it was the most fragile piece of crystal; we had it placed in clearly marked folders and hand-carried to the next party for review. Use email to transmit sensitive information? Never!”.  Schwartz’s bottom line? Leave Hillary alone and focus on tightening agency rules for identifying AND handling sensitive information.  Yikes.  But I digress. 

As a fellow Jew, Schwartz crosses into territory where there is no return.  He makes the fateful mistake of comparing GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler for their tactics in their quest for power.  It is an unforgiving and highly ignorant comparison.  Frankly comparing anyone to Hitler save Josef Stalin or Mao Tse-tung is a desperate action, no matter how you spin it.  Schwartz should be given a column writing time-out by the Sentinel’s Jewish owners.  He should also be forced to do an all-day refresher visit to the Holocaust Museum in DC to reacquaint himself with our collective Jewish nightmare which was Hitler and the Nazis.

B. Botwin




Angry cats


To the editor;

We cats resent being exploited by disgruntled and crabby supporters of degenerate presidential candidates (“The Donald 47 years later,” 7/21/16) using our litter box poop to throw at themselves with childish temper tantrums.



editor’s note: Felix- as a cat you are a wonderful, wonderful cat.



Term limits and sissies


To the editor;

Your “Term limits are for sissies” was a truffle too much. Term limits are metaphors—figures of speech like musical chairs—someone gets dumped without a seat. The merry-go-round spear that missed the ring stopped the music.

 More to your point. Elections determine term limits. Citizens who do not vote strike-out.  Disgruntled? Email complaints.  That is why there is freedom of speech.

J. Martinelli




You can’t handle the truth!


To the editor;

Your  cartoonist needs a lesson in civics. He obviously doesn’t understand Pokemon or the county council.

He also obviously has a bias against government of any kind and thinks that making fun of government is funny.

You can’t compare people on the council to characters on Pokemon.

If your cartonist understands this at all he would portray the members of the council as characters in Sponge Bob Square Pants or members of Looney Tunes.

Then I’d know he understands politics.

B. Spruell




Letters to the Editor published July 21, 2016

Turn, Turn, Turn

To the editor;

Once again the liberal Kapiloff dogma rules the Montgomery County Sentinel. Your editorial about term limits is something I heard Dr. Kapiloff speak about often when he was around.

He is dictating to the paper still.

It is time to limit terms in office and drive out those who would otherwise be in office until they died there.

We can’t do it through elections. We can’t do it by voting.

J. Spruell

Silver Spring

editor’s note: How do you know it can’t be done? Do you vote? Have you ever put your money where your mouth is and run for office? Or are you merely angry your favorite politician didn’t get elected?


Eight Miles High

To the editor;

For once be open about your bias. Your story about road signs in Montgomery County claims it would be bad for business.

You just don’t like the proposal by George Leventhal and are trying to kill it.

D. Spaulding


editor’s note: Actually you are referring to a front page news story in which some small businesses claim the sign legislation as proposed would be bad for business. We are actually in favor of the measure and have gone on record saying as much.


All I Really Want To Do

To the editor;

I have given up hope of ever riding the Metro again. After 20 years on this horrible monstrosity which gets worse each week, I am now driving to work in the district.

It actually took me less time to drive from my home near the Pooks Hill Marriot to my offices on K Street than riding from the Grosvenor/Strathmore stop on The Metro to my stop at Farragut North and walking to my office.

And during rush hour!

How pitiful is my commuting experience?

I’m now driving to work.

Thanks Metro for destroying my mornings.

R. Danninfield



Letters to the Editor published July 14, 2016

Learning to “Walk this way”


To the editor;

Regarding your article, “Leggett and Riemer unveil new pedestrian plans,” (07/07/2016) the problem of pedestrians being in danger is caused by drivers not following the Maryland state law that they must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.


Letters to the Editor published July 7, 2016

Road rage, road signs and road kill

To the editor;

County Council member George Leventhal’s measure to prohibit all temporary advertisement signs on rights-of-ways is right-on. How many multiple numbers of road sigsn does it take to sell mattresses, cleaning services, junk removal, sport enrollments, gutter cleaning, travel agencies, turtoring services, Realtor new development alerts and other road sign advertisements?


Letters to the Editor published June 30, 2016

Privilege, Power and the Government


To the editor;

I wholeheartedly agree with your editorial about the lack of transparency in Government. It seems the mentality of Politicians and government public servants is that they have 'won the lottery' of privilege and power and they are now somehow 'above' being responsive and accountable to the public. Instead it is a privilege to serve, and if they fall this far short they should be removed from their position and replaced by someone (much) better. There are many, many more competent folks out there who are ready and more able to do a good job.


Letters to the Editor published June 23, 2016

Brad, The GOP and term limits

To the editor;

The Montgomery County Republican Party (MCGOP) hosted a popular outreach booth Sunday, June 12 at the Celebrate Olde Towne Gaithersburg Festival. While supporting GOP candidates for Congress, Senate and the White House this November, the MCGOP is also promoting a non-partisan petition to get Term Limits for the MOCO County Executive and County Council on the November ballot.