Maybe it's merely the longest 100 days - yet

trump thumbs up low resMore than 100 days or so into this administration and I must admit I have not grown tired of winning. I am just waiting for it to begin unless you consider Trump's firing the individual ultimately responsible for the F.B.I. investigation into his administration regarding the Russian connection a win. Well, I guess he considers that a win, at least for his own self-interest, for the time being. Whatever did happen to Boris Epstyn?

Seems that Trump points to two major items as his major accomplishments, especially since there are no others: the number of executive orders he has issued and the confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
As for the Gorsuch confirmation, it took resorting to the so-called nuclear option eliminating filibuster to get him confirmed. Not exactly a bi-partisan achievement for all America. One should also remember that it is so rare for a president's nominee to fail to be confirmed that even Clarence Thomas was confirmed and in spite of the Anita Hill controversy.
Regarding his numerous executive orders, the question becomes whether undoing can equate to doing? I think not. It seems that many if not most of his executive orders simply roll back executive orders issued by his predecessor on such issues as clean air and water and other environmental protections as well as protections against abuse by the financial industry.
Eliminating regulations, another favored tactic of this president, to reduce regulatory controls over business fails to consider the ramifications of removing those regulations on our health and safety. He has rolled back controls on oil drilling on U.S. land and is attempting to gut most EPA regulations across the board. Fortunately, eliminating existing regulations requires the same exhaustive process as does promulgating new regulations which includes an extensive comment period. No such process for executive orders.
True, Trump is very proud of seeing his signature on these glossy documents but whether he actually read any of them prior to signing them or even took the time to fully understand them and the impact of removing them is unclear at best. Certainly all indications are that he does not.
As for achieving all or, even, any of his campaign promises, especially within the first hundred or so days as he made a point to do time and time again, his record points to complete ineptitude as a direct result of his total lack of experience, intelligence and preparation.
With Trump's party having a majority in both houses of the Congress, the true indicator of his ineptitude is his inability to see any legislative achievements during his first 100 or so days. Add to that the fact that some of his most significant executive orders, such as those dealing with his oft promised Muslim ban, were overturned by the courts as being unconstitutional reveals a serious misunderstanding on his part of the separation of powers and the Constitution.
I do have to agree with our current president in one regard and that is when he criticized his predecessor's use of executive orders as being “the last resort of presidents who can't work with Congress.” The frustration of President Obama, a Democrat, with the obstructionism of the Republican Congress did cause him to use whatever authorities he possessed as president to get something done.
That included executive orders on, for example, focusing deportation efforts on undocumented aliens who had committed the most serious crimes. The fact that Republican President Trump has to resort to the use of executive orders even though he has a Congress with Republican majorities in both houses points to his extraordinary ineptitude in dealing with Congress.
His failure to accomplish any of his campaign promises, fortunately, is clearly reflected in his failed budget submission. No money for his southern border wall, no defunding of planned parenthood, we still have meals on wheels, NIH will still be funded and, quite significantly, not nearly as much money is in the budget to bloat an already bloated military budget which already is 57 percent of our federal budget. Most significantly, Big Bird is still a resident of Sesame Street.
Add to this his failure, as of this writing, to take health care away from 24 million Americans (Trumpcare passing the House still leaves the Senate and then reconciliation with the House so it is still far from a done deal) as well as his failure to keep his campaign promise to walk away from treaties and agreements such as NAFTA, NATO and the Iran Nuclear Deal and you have a president that clearly has more luck than brains.
What we have is a president that is learning not only that the job of president is much more difficult than he ever imagined, but, just as importantly, there were reasons for decisions made by his predecessors and there are ramifications to haphazardly reversing these previous decisions and actions. What he is also learning is that just because he may not have been aware of the reasons behind any particular action does not mean that there wasn't a basis for that action in the first place.
A good example of this is the Iran Nuclear Deal which was designed to put inspectors on sight for the sole purpose of ensuring that Iran's nuclear capability is stymied. It had nothing to do with other reprehensible actions by Iran which would still be subject to sanctions.
In other words, the Iran Nuclear deal is a deal that we should gladly want with North Korea. Further, scrapping the Iran Nuclear deal would serve no purpose unless the other signatories to the deal agreed to re-institute these sanctions which is not going to happen, especially since Russia is one of the signatories.
On the bright side, at least for Trump, he still gets to play golf every weekend at his golf club at Mar-a-Lago at taxpayer expense.



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