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Dear young American little girl

Charottlesville 2Dear America,
What a beautiful name for, I am sure, a beautiful young lady. I received your letter asking me why I thought there is so much hatred and violence in our country.
It was a very thoughtful letter and I will attempt to provide you with an equally thoughtful response.
In my opinion the person most responsible for the very visible and blatant instances of hatred in America is none other than former President Barack H. Obama.
It seems to me that when this nation elected its very first African-American president there was a rather large segment of our society that just could not bring itself to have an African American in the White House as our president.
This segment of society sought a leader to lead them and their hatred out of the shadows and into the mainstream. They found that leader in none other than game show host Donald J. Trump. Mr. Trump, you may recall, was the leader of what is now known as the birther movement which questioned President Obama's birthplace and, in so doing, questioned his legitimacy to the presidency.

This questioning of his legitimacy to the presidency served to undermine his effectiveness in the office that the people placed him in...twice.
Lo and behold, this movement led by Mr. Trump became so strong that it resulted in that former game show host rising to the presidency himself which is where we now find ourselves.
Just as he did in leading the birther movement, Trump, as president, continues to inflame the sparks of hatred and feed the divisiveness that is so detrimental to the good of our country.
There are numerous examples of this but one of the most recent and revealing example is his response to the events that overtook Charlottesville, Va. a few weeks ago.
His response to what occurred in Charlottesville and all of the hatred and violence, including the death of one young woman, reveals why what occurred in Charlottesville can be placed squarely on Donald J. Trump's lap.
It is on his lap because it is Trump who could not bring himself to condemn the Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and the white supremacists who marched in Charlottesville without also condemning “many sides...many sides,” “both sides.”
It is Donald Trump's fault because it was Donald Trump who said that peePULL who walked together with peePULL who carried swastikas or shouted "Jews will not replace us" were "very fine peePULL".
It was Donald Trump's fault because he said the white nationalists had a permit while the "other side" did not, when both sides had permits to march but neither side had a permit to kill.
A member of only one side killed.
It was Donald Trump’s fault because this country was founded on the principle that "all men are created equal" and even though we, as a nation, have not always lived up to that principle, the president of the United States must always support that principle and not those who undermine it.
It is Donald Trump's fault, little girl, because it was his campaign rhetoric that emboldened hate mongers to come out of the shadows.
Ask your grandpa to tell you about George Lincoln Rockwell. And yes, little girl, although it was the Democrats who put up those statues that were the focus of the protests, as a result of Nixon's successful southern strategy, those Democrats are all now Republicans BUT it is important to remember that whether Democrat or Republican any statue that commemorates fighting against our country should not be memorialized.
Even more recently, Mr. Trump used his presidential power to pardon former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Mr. Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court for failing to stop illegally profiling Latino Americans in his quest against immigrants. America, this country was founded on what is referred to as the rule of law.
When someone violates the law they are to be held accountable. Mr. Arpaio clearly, in the eyes of the court, was found to have violated the law.
By ignoring the court's decision to hold Mr. Arpaio accountable for his violation of the law and pardoning Mr. Arpaio without him having served a day of his sentence, Mr. Trump sent a clear message that he, alone, is the law. In the land of kings, this is how it works.
Our founding fathers, who painstakingly wrote the Constitution to establish three equal branches of government, intended for our president never to become a king.
Before we can reasonably expect to see an end to the divisions among us, we will need to have a leader who serves all Americans, including transgender individuals in the military, and the values and ideals that serve as the foundation of our nation and not just serve the segment of society that feeds on hatred and divisiveness.
I hope this answers your question, America. Please feel free to share with your friends in the third grade.



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