Who is the worst President in our history?

Trump Mocking Disabled ReporterMy vote for absolutely worst president in our country's history, to the surprise of no one who routinely reads this column, is none other than Donald J. Trump.
In a mere six months, this individual has been able to become the single greatest embarrassment this country has ever experienced. His inability to craft a coherent sentence with words beyond a third grade level is the least of our concerns.
Of greater concern, much greater concern, is the fact that the single-minded purpose of Trump is to simply undo all that was set in place by his immediate predecessor and, in so doing, undermine so many of the principles and ideals on which this nation was built.

Whether it is this native from Queens turning a blind eye to the words displayed by the lady in New York Harbor regarding the welcoming of those seeking refuge in a free society or his absolute ignorance of the working of the federal government especially as it relates to the separation of powers, this individual has demonstrated that armchair quarterbacks should not be expected to lead a team to victory.
If he accomplished anything, it was his single-handedly diminishing this nation's status on the world stage and its role as the leader of the free world. His exit from the Paris Climate Accord and walking away from the 197 signatories thereby causing the United States to be considered the “out-liar” is just one example among many.
Undoing Obamacare or the many regulations instituted to protect out water and air does not a successful administration make.
Unbridled support for the nation's enemy, Russia, and doing everything in his power to obstruct the investigation to determine the extent of Russia's impact on our democratic election is of even greater concern.
Add to this his relentless attacks on a free press in direct contradiction to our First Amendment to the Constitution as well as his blatant support for white supremacists and you have quite a list. (Yes, Jemele Hill, he is a white supremacist and he demonstrates it over and over again.)
The list goes on, but let us think this through. There are, indeed, other candidates to be considered. There have been slave-owning presidents, for example.
Thomas Jefferson though, in addition to being a slave owner, did at least have writing the Declaration of Independence to his credit. Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached, but that impeachment, as covered in a recent column, was based on Johnson's attempt to remove the Secretary of War. In other words, it was based on politics and not fitness for office.
FDR allowed Japanese internment camps and turned back the M.S. St. Louis, a.k.a “the Voyage of the Damned”, and the Jews it carried to escape Nazi Germany, but he also got us out of the Great Depression and led the nation through World War II successfully and set us on a path to economic growth of which a robust middle class was the centerpiece. That brings us to Ronald Reagan whose “trickle-down economics” served to turn back all that FDR's programs sought to accomplish and resulted in the shrinking of the middle class.
On the other hand, Reagan was at least able to string several sentences together to express a complete thought AND the “wall” in Berlin did come down during his presidency. LBJ takes full responsibility for escalating the Vietnam War and turning it into a national disaster, but he was also responsible for accomplishing a domestic agenda that included significant achievements in protecting civil rights and voting rights.
Let us not forget the forgettable Warren G. Harding whose administration was scandalized by the Teapot Dome bribery scandal.
Teapot Dome was considered the greatest presidential administration scandal until Watergate.
That brings us to Watergate and Richard Nixon. Watergate and Nixon's paranoia notwithstanding, Nixon did establish the EPA to protect our environment as just one example of a Nixon positive contribution.
More importantly, however, Nixon demonstrated a respect for the office of the presidency by stepping down from the presidency in view of the obstruction of justice charges against him thereby sparing the country the embarrassment of an impeachment hearing.
Almost forgot George W. Bush who had my vote for worst president until the arrival of the Donald. George W. earned my vote by turning a balanced budget into an historic deficit with his unfunded tax break for the wealthy and his unfunded and unprovoked wars which cost the nation much more than money but also lives.
This decision was a tough one and is not taken lightly. I would say, however, that Bush, as incompetent as he was, actually did believe he was doing the right thing for the country. The same cannot be said for Trump who only cares about doing the right thing for Trump! In the world of Trump, the only thing that is important is filling his ego. It is that motivation that makes his presence in the Oval Office so threatening to the welfare of the country.
As mentioned previously, when decision after decision are based on simply undoing the work of his predecessor by signing executive order after executive order to turn back the clock without regard to the ramifications those actions may have on the public, this nation is being placed by him in a very precarious situation both domestically and internationally. It is this threat to our standing in the world that is a direct result of the Trump presidency that earned Trump my vote as worst president in our history.
To have earned this distinction in such a short period of time is truly something Trump could be proud of...since he has no other accomplishments to point to except for his electoral college upset victory.
That victory is one we will be paying for until the electorate corrects its historic mistake and beyond.



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