Is there a doctor in the house?

NFL ProtestsAdmittedly I am not a doctor. I never attended medical school. I never even played a doctor on television. I did stay too many times to count at a Holiday Inn Express, but somehow I still don't consider myself a doctor.
However, I do receive numerous emails every single day. Several hundred for that matter and I am not even Secretary of State. How Hillary Clinton kept up with all of her emails is beyond me. I recently received an email regarding ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Maybe the sender got confused with the concept of the deficit in light of the recently passed Republican tax plan.
Anyway, I decided to take a look at the information out of curiosity and discovered something quite alarming. The president of the United States may very well be struggling with ADHD. As a matter of fact, this president may be afflicted with a great many more afflictions than just ADHD.

The symptoms of ADHD include: trouble focusing and following through on tasks; becoming easily distracted; avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort; having trouble waiting to take turns in any group effort; and lack of attention to detail.
How can anyone forget Donald Trump’s embarrassing lack of preparation during the 2016 presidential debates? Remember his stalking of his opponent on the stage, exhibiting an inability to stay in one place. How about his inability to understand and convey any substance regarding policy issues?
This inability to understand and convey policy is even more evident during his presidency when he talks glowingly about a “beautiful” health care plan or a “beautiful” tax plan without ever providing the simplest details of what the plans consist of....other than what his signature looks like.
How about autism in a semi-adult? According to Webster's University Dictionary, the definition of autism includes “acceptance of fantasy rather than reality; abnormal subjectivity.”
Trump claiming his inauguration crowds were the largest in history or his claim that his electoral college win was the greatest since Reagan's or even his more recent claim that his tax cut is the largest in history are all claims that clearly exhibit Trump's “acceptance of fantasy rather than reality” since none of these claims are true.
That same Webster's dictionary defines dyslexia as “impairment of the ability to read.” As someone who covers the White House regularly and has witnessed the president's reading the extra-large lettered words on the teleprompters, I can state emphatically that this president has a great deal of difficulty reading.
Is Trump’s difficulty reading the reason he creates his own words such as “covfefe”? What about his mispronunciation of a word like diversity which he recently mangled into “diversary?” Just because he may not believe in diversity is no excuse for a president not to be able to pronounce it correctly.
Then there are the emotional afflictions.
Trump’s unquenchable need to hear praise was put on the stage for all to see when Congressional Republicans lined up on the steps of the White House to heap praise on Trump for the tax cut plan that saw something like 80 percent of the benefits going to the top one percent of wealth that was recently rammed through Congress.
The amount of sycophantic praise spewed that day may very well be of historic proportions competing with that cabinet meeting a few months back during which every cabinet member, with the exception of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, heaped unrelenting praise on Trump. Mattis praised the men and women of the military as he should have. The emotional needs of this president, aside from extremely embarrassing, is indicative of severe personality deficiencies.
On New Year's Eve, the White House Press Office issued the following press release:


Office of the Press Secretary


December 31, 2017

Statement from the White House Press Secretary

We support the right of the Iranian people to express themselves peacefully. Their voices deserve to be heard. We encourage all parties to protect this fundamental right to peaceful expression and to avoid any actions that contribute to censorship.

Really now? This official statement coming from the press office of the same president who proudly stated (with regard to the NFL peaceful protests to raise awareness to the rash of controversial police actions against the black community): “Wouldn't you like to see the owners tell these sons of bitches YOU'RE FIRED?” is mindboggling to say the least, the very least!
Now, regardless of where you stand on the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the NFL non-violent protests, the issue here is not about that issue, but, rather about the fact that this president fails to see the blatant hypocrisy in the two positions. With regard to afflictions, you would have to be blind, deaf and dumb NOT to see the blatant inconsistency of the two positions although I would venture to guess that even Helen Keller would have been capable of doing just that. Could he simply have forgotten about his competing positions? Could it be the onset of Alzheimer's?
All this said, I wonder which is more alarming: a president clearly unfit for office or a Congress that enables someone so obviously unfit to remain in that office and, by so doing, ignoring the wisdom of our Founding Fathers when they instituted the separation of powers and the importance of each branch of government to serve as a check on the other branches to harness unfettered powers.
I think it is time for every American to take a knee!



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