Lordy I got me some squatters

house real estateAlthough some squatters move into vacant homes to live rent free, others do so to take advantage of adverse possession laws. The squatter movement has grown, not just in the U.S. but significantly in Europe as a means of social change. Activists advocate squatting as a response to Europe’s high unemployment, austerity, decreased public housing and declining living standards. Currently touted as “alternative housing,” squatting in the U.S. increased during the time when foreclosures and vacant homes skyrocketed after the financial crisis.


Signs, signs everywhere a big ole sign


gavel2Maryland common law traditionally has held that an owner of property owes only a very limited duty to a trespasser on that property. There are statutes or regulations that the State or Counties have enacted that may regulate owner’s use of property, particularly for safety reasons. How these principles interact was explored by Maryland’s highest court this week in a case called Blackburn Limited Partnership v. Paul.