The basic lessons need to be remembered

PCF90Despite the best efforts of Congressional Republicans to call for an investigation into the “Hillary Clinton Administration,” the reality is that there is no Hillary Clinton Administration.
Hillary Clinton was not elected president on November 8, 2016. Hillary Clinton, to the detriment of America and its ideals, lost the election and Donald J. Trump sits in the Oval Office of the White House. I am made eminently aware of this sad fact every time I attend the daily White House press briefings and, at times, witness Trump attempting to read from the teleprompters at a ridiculously embarrassing third-grade reading level.
His reading level, though, is the least important of all of the embarrassments he brings to the presidency. Our descent from the world stage and the loss of status as the leader of the free world along with the loss of respect by our allies is quite a bit higher on the embarrassment list.
So how do we fix this catastrophe? How do we learn, or rather re-learn, the lessons of the 2016 presidential election as we approach the 2018 midterm elections and the 2020 presidential election?
Let's start with something we learned in the two elections of Barack Obama as president of the United States: “If all minorities band together and vote, they become the majority.”


You've got to be kidding me

DjdWLHdXoAAw7t Somewhere Hunter Thompson and Bill Hicks are laughing over a tab of LSD and wondering if our reality is their drug-induced nightmare.
Or something like that.
The phone call was hilarious, if not touched. It began with him threatening me bodily harm. It ended in laughter - at least on my part.
“Your entire problem is that you are a hack Democrat who doesn’t understand how great the president is,” I was told.
“Your problem,” I responded, “Is that you think I care what you think.”
“Just like a liberal.”


The 12 Step guide to covering the White House

trumpnmeDealing with the Donald Trump administration is problematic for a variety of reasons.
As a reporter, it’s been difficult as he’s labeled us “The enemy of the people,” and accuses us of producing “Fake News.”
He’s publicly said all Americans should not believe what we see and hear, but should only listen to him for truth, justice and the American way.
Along the way his administration has battled in ways previously unseen with working reporters. This week Kaitlan Collins from CNN got banned from an event because she either asked “inappropriate questions” or was “rude” to the president in a pool spray event.


Legislative relief for those who rent homes

for sale sign outside houseIt’s no secret that housing is expensive. Home prices are relentlessly marching forward, making it more difficult for first-time home buyers to purchase a home. One of the contributing factors is the low inventory of homes for sale. 

The deficiency of homes on the market is limiting options and stoking competition among determined home buyers, many of whom are willing to offer slightly more than then their cohorts.


The “Open House” is proving unpopular

for sale sign outside houseThe tradition of having an open house, like other real estate customs, has recently become a source of debate over its value and effectiveness. According to Rachel Stults, the tradition began over one hundred years ago when brokers allowed prospective buyers to “inspect” the house by having it open to the public (A Brief History of Opening Our Homes to Total Strangers;; April 21st, 2015). 


Checking in with the credibility expert

gavel2 1 A basic principal applicable to all jury trials, including in criminal cases, is that the jury is to determine what testimony to believe and to decide the facts. How this principal applies in a jury trial involving sexual abuse of a minor was explored by Maryland’s highest court in a recent case called James Adam Fallin v. State of Maryland.


What does it mean to be a reporter today?

Press Hat TypewriterWhat does it mean to be a reporter in today’s world?
For decades, individuals picked up their newspapers for information on current or historical events. Among those events covered included social, political and sports activities. And you could always count on an opinion page with editorials and letters on the state of these affairs.
Our industry has grown from communication via a printed document to include radio, television, and now the Internet via computers and cell phones.
In many cases today individuals employ a multitude of means to obtain information previously supplied only by a printed newspaper. Still that information is provided by a writer - a journalist.


Summer proves to be the best time for high school hoops action

Outdoor Basketball in HoopThere’s nothing like summer league basketball in the DMV.
Arguably the nation’s No. 1 hoops hotbed, the basketball culture in our area is perhaps second to none.
I was born in Oakland which boasts the distinction of producing scores of great NBA players including Bill Russell, Jason Kidd, Gary Payton and Damian Lillard among others.
However, when it comes to producing NBA talent per capita, the DMV rises to the top of the list.
Ricky Goings, founder of Everyone Deserves A Shot (EDAS), a non-profit that helps kids find basketball scholarships, can certainly attest to that notion.
“I think our area really took basketball seriously before the nation did,” said Goings.


And remember - that was the week that was

images 1FBI Agent Peter Strzok. COURTESY PHOTO The week of July 9th or thereabouts was just another week in the Trump administration. The good news for the current president is that he finally drew a crowd of mammoth proportions, a crowd size far exceeding the crowd size of his inauguration. Regrettable for him, however, the crowd consisted of protesters as he descended on London and they converged to send him a message of their outrage.
The week consisted of the president portraying our NATO allies as “foes” just as he prepared for his summit with Vladimir Putin. At that meeting Trump, never learning from the past, repeated that disastrous phrase “both sides” when deciding to blame both Russia AND the United States for the current contentious relationship between the two countries. The President of the United States also used the shared podium with Vladimir Putin to portray Putin's denial of Russian meddling in our elections as “strong and powerful” even though in direct contradiction of the findings of Trump's own intelligence community. One can almost hear O.J. Simpson asking “What about me?”


"Come Together" isn't the national narrative

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As a reporter with America’s Most Wanted, and while covering crime and politics in a variety of venues during the 35 years of my career, I’ve seen hope born from despair in the eyes of crime victims, refugees and those suffering in war zones a thousand times.
Tuesday I saw it in the most unlikely of places: The U.S. Congress.
In this national atmosphere of divisiveness marked by vitriol where the overriding narrative is dominated by anger and despair as we feed the wrong wolf (apologies to Chris Cuomo who used this metaphorical tale a few weeks ago and I seem to be beating to death), I was taken aback to find in a joint subcommittee meeting Tuesday two people from opposite ends of the political spectrum joining together to do their best to end the war against the First Amendment.