Smoldering tracks lead to Metro change for second time in a week

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metro logoMetro single-tracked Red Line trains during rush hour Tuesday due to an arcing stud bolt, eight days after a similar event caused Metro to close two stations on the Washington Nationals’ opening day.

Metro spokesperson Ron Holzer said Metro single-tracked trains between Farragut North and Judicary Square stations Tuesday due to a “smoldering stud bolt” at Gallery Place station, which caused some smoke.

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel dispatched to Gallery Place station due to reports of something smoldering on the tracks, Vito Maggiolo said. It turned out to be a stud bolt.

“The initial report of our incident commander was some kind of smoldering debris, but a bolt could fall into that category,” Maggiolo said Wednesday.

Metro later said the incident was an arcing stud bolt.

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