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A good skin care product leads to jail time


ROCKVILLE – Circuit Court Judge Eric Johnson sentenced Frederick resident Luz Lemonfield to 10 days in prison with 18 months probation for pouring a skin care product in her coworker’s water bottle last October.

The sentencing took place on Tuesday afternoon at the circuit courthouse.

Police said when they took Lemonfield into custody, she told them, “Well, I guess it didn’t work, then.”

According to police, Lemonfield poured a skin care product from the salon she worked in into the water bottle of her coworker, Sofia Santa Cruz. The incident took place on October 31.


Police searching for two men in gang-related murder

Wanted-VenturaDelgadoPerezPolice are looking for Jose Coreas Ventura (left) and Oscar Ernesto Delgado-Perez (right) in connection with the gang-related murder of Christian Antonio Villagran-Morales, 18, in Gaithersburg.  COURTESY PHOTO 

GAITHERSBURG– Montgomery County Police announced Thursday that they have arrested two suspects and are looking for two more in connection with the gang-related murder of Christian Antonio Villagran-Morales, 18, in Gaithersburg.

Police said they have arrested and charged Juan Gutierrez-Vasquez, 16, and Vanesa Alvarado, 19, both of Gaithersburg with first-degree murder, and are still searching for Jose Coreas Ventura, 20, and Oscar Ernesto Delgado-Perez, 27. Police said Gutierrez-Vasquez has been charged as an adult.

Police said both Alvarado and Gutierrez-Vasquez are affiliated with the notorious street gang MS-13, and are being held on a $1 million bond.

Police said they believe that both Ventura and Delgado-Perez are members of the gang MS-13 and should be considered armed and dangerous.


Local cop popped for soliciting sex from minor


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MANASSAS, Va. – Prince William County police arrested Montgomery County Police Officer Christopher Dunkes and six other men for soliciting sex from children during a Friday sting operation.

Police charged Dunkes of Gaithersburg with three counts of soliciting sex from a minor and he is currently held without bond. Dunkes’ next court date is July 14 and will take place in Prince William Circuit Court.


Two charged with murder of 22-year-old transgender woman

She lived in motels for the last year.

When police found her dead April 16 at the Red Roof Inn in Rockville, 22-year-old Keyonna Monroe Blakeney was just three weeks away from living in her own apartment with a chance to restart her life.

"I told her, 'Get your GED or your high school diploma, I will help you get back on your feet,’" said her father Kenny Linton.

At an April 22 vigil in Rockville, Linton told the crowd of about 50 transgender people and cis-gender allies he wanted to become an advocate for them because too many people "don't understand" what it means to be transgender.

"I'm here to support my daughter. I love her. I miss her," he said, later adding, “I told her every day that I loved her,"

Blakeney became the second transgender woman murdered in Montgomery County in six months, apparently dying after a robbery went south.

On May 10, police arrested two men who they said confessed to murdering her. Their preliminary hearing is set for June 10 in Montgomery County District Court.


Takoma Park apartment residents in the dark during murder investigation

TAKOMA PARK— Individuals who lived in or near an apartment building where a woman was murdered two weeks ago said they either knew nothing about the crime or that they learned the facts from local media. 

The killing of pregnant female resident Maria Veronica Mbunga, 36, in late April remained under Takoma Park police investigation as of Monday afternoon, and detectives on the case were not available to comment. 


Local man sentenced to life in prison for killing

ROCKVILLE – Surrounded by her friends and family and dressed in a long white t-shirt bearing the face of her dead son Marc St. Aubin, Susan St. Aubin solemnly spoke after one the men responsible for his death, Tavon Miles, was sentenced to life in prison.

A jury convicted Miles, a 29 year-old resident of Gaithersburg, of first degree murder, burglary and armed robbery, leading Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Quirk to sentence him to life in prison plus 20 years Thursday.


Montgomery Village man, 18, dies after Sunday assault

MONTGOMERY VILLAGE -- A local 18-year-old man died after someone assaulted him and two other people Sunday night in Centerway Park, according to Montgomery County police spokesperson Rick Goodale.

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Goodale said the Montgomery Village resident Benitez suffered from several injuries and said investigators will continue to ask neighbors and family members what they know of the incident.

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