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Accused murder takes his own life after killing wife

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Published on: Thursday, March 15, 2012

By Daryl Buchanan

Montgomery County Police say a man who shot and killed his estranged wife Tuesday morning on Connecticut Avenue committed suicide to avoid arrest.
Police also say the man may have been released without posting bond after his estranged wife struggled to get him confined for apparent domestic abuse last weekend.
Philip Joseph Gilberti, 51, apparently took his wife, Heather Lynn McGuire, hostage Tuesday morning. While in a minivan on Connecticut Avenue in Kensington witnesses reported seeing McGuire attempting to jump out of the car. 
“One witness described her as trying to get out of the minivan, the man pulling her back in, shooting her and then throwing her out of the minivan," Police Chief Tom Manger said.

The homicide sparked an immediate manhunt that lasted hours. Police caught up with Gilberti when they received a tip from people who knew him and said he may be in a house on Fordham Street in Rockville.
Police then set up a command center at College Gardens Elementary School. “We immediately set up a perimeter,” said Police Chief Thomas Manger.
Residents who live in the College Garden neighborhood in Rockville said they were extremely fearful of Gilberti and heard police speaking over loud speakers attempting to get the man to use the telephone inside the home. “ ‘Answer your phone,’ That’s what we heard several times,” a neighbor said who asked not to have his name published.
But police say Gilberti never cooperated with them.

Later a gunshot was heard from inside the house and police sent in a police robot equipped with a camera before officers were sent in on foot.
“We saw that it was safe to enter and then we did so,” said Chief Manger. Gilberti was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound.
Gilberti a former boxer has a lengthy criminal history that includes domestic violence dating back to the early 1990’s according to court records. Police officers who had past encounters with him said he could be an especially dangerous person.
“If he didn’t want to come in, it would take five or six officers to handle him,” said one officer.

“If he didn’t want to come in, it would take five or six officers to handle him,” said one officer.
Gilberti and McGuire were involved in an incident over the weekend that led to Gilberti’s arrest. McGuire had a restraining order placed on Gilberti after he apparently threatened her life. Gilberti was later released from jail without posting bail. 
Gilberti and McGuire were married, but separated and had three children together. All three children are under 10 years old. The three children are in two separate foster homes and are waiting adoption.

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