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Security assistant accused of having sex with 14-year-old female student


Police charged a public school security assistant with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old student following a short investigation this week.

The assistant, charged with sexual abuse of a minor, was released from jail after he posted bond Monday night, County State’s Attorney spokesperson Ramon Korionoff said.

Kimberly Hayden Williams, principal of Col. E. Brook Lee Middle School – where the accused man worked – said she was disturbed by the charges.

“These charges are troubling and completely unacceptable, particularly given that security staff are placed in schools to keep students safe,” she said. “The charges represent a violation of the core values of our school and school system.”

County Police Special Victims Unit officers arrested Montgomery County Public Schools security assistant Mike Anthony Lievano, age 21, of the 1000 block of University Boulevard, Silver Spring, and charged him with third-degree sexual offense and sexual abuse of a minor between March 1 and May 5, according to charging documents.

A commissioner placed Lievano on a $10,000 bond.

Police said Lievano had sexual intercourse with a 14-yearold girl who attended Col. E. Brook Lee Middle School where he worked, at both of their homes, according to the charging documents.

On May 4, detectives interviewed the teen girl with whom police said Lievano engaged in a sexual encounter. She said she had spoken with Lievano and that she gave him her cell phone number, according to the charging documents. The two began dating March 29 and had sex four times.

Police said in the release detectives interviewed Lievano May 5. Police said Lievano “made admissions relating to the allegations” when detectives interviewed him.

Lievano turned himself in on Sunday night, Goodale said Tuesday.

Less than two days later the 21-year-old posted the $10,000 bond and was released.

MCPS spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala said Lievano passed his background check before MCPS hired him.

She said she could not speak to whether Lievano would be able to return to his position due to ongoing processes.

“We can’t speak on that until there’s a trial and we understand what’s going to happen in terms of the charges against Mr. Lievano,” Onijala said Wednesday.

Williams said she placed Lievano on administrative leave from his security position when administrators learned of the allegations against him.

Williams said psychologists, pupil personnel workers and counselors are available for students.

She said she did not inform parents with details about the allegations sooner for fear of jeopardizing the investigation, at the request of the Special Victims Investigations Division.

She asked parents to contact the Montgomery County Police Special Victims Investigations Division at 240-773- 5400 if they or their children had information that might aid the investigation. She invited parents to call her at 301-649- 8100 if they had any questions.

Goodale said police believe there may be other victims.

MCPS Superintendent Jack Smith said he was furious about the allegations against Lievano.

"I am angered and deeply troubled by the allegations against Mr. Lievano," Smith said Monday.

He said MCPS has procedures in place to keep students safe.

“MCPS remains committed to the safety of our students,” Smith said. “We have developed and implemented staff training on preventing, recognizing and reporting child abuse as well as a curriculum on personal body safety for students at all grade levels.

“We will continue to take every appropriate measure to ensure our schools are safe and welcoming places to learn for students,” Smith added.

Lievano worked as a security assistant at Rockville High School from September 8, 2015 until February 12, 2016, MCPS spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala said.

Williams said Lievano then worked in private security immediately following his job at Rockville up until he was hired at Col. E. Brooke Lee mid-February this year.



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