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Tom Blood entertains in Wheaton

Local musician Tom Blood entertained at Wheaton's Royal Mile Pub this week. For more information, take a look at this week's edition of Montgomery Undercover.

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[ "" equals ""] Thoughts on Trayvon Martin

Thoughts on Trayvon Martin

Since hearing of Trayvon Martin’s murder the story has disturbed me. A range of emotions and thoughts washed over me. I was angry, frustrated, confused, and frightened. As more details became p ... Read More

[ "" equals ""] Somebody give me some credit!

Somebody give me some credit!

I am performing at the DC Improv this Thursday night.  PBS will be there recording comics for a show they are producing called, “The Truth about Money.”  We are supposed to only ... Read More

[ "" equals ""] And now for

And now for "Full Metal Jousting"

I was flipping through TV channels last night when I saw this listed, “Full Metal Jousting.”  Immediately, I was sold.  Sometimes all you need is three words to be hooked like; I ... Read More

[ "" equals ""] Yep, it’s a MILF: A mother I’d love to forget

Yep, it’s a MILF: A mother I’d love to forget

I am going to miss the Super Bowl this Sunday.  I will be on an airplane headed to Qatar.  Yep, Qatar.  Qatar is a really tough country to say and spell.  Is it pronounced Kuh Tar ... Read More

[ "" equals ""] I joined the darkside and Apple wins again

I joined the darkside and Apple wins again

Do you know anyone under the age of 70 who doesn’t own a cell phone?  Neither do I.  You pretty much have to have a cell phone these days.  My service provider is AT&T.  ... Read More


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