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The never ending Rockville story

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Published on: Thursday, March 07, 2013

By Brian J. Karem

So, here we go again.

In the wonderful suburban wonderland of Rockville, men and women who are paid to conduct the business of the city can’t do it.

Cities of course are difficult entities to manage.

There are competing interests and competing ideals and sometimes everyone can’t get along.

But in Rockville they can’t even come to a decent decision about who to appoint to a voluntary board which oversees elections.

Take a second for that – a voluntary position.

The politics of this situation are easy enough to understand. Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio wanted to appoint civic activist Drew Powell to the Board of Elections.

Drew applied. Everyone in the city knew it. But three of the council members didn’t want him there for whatever reason.

Maybe Drew makes them uncomfortable. Maybe they don’t like his politics. Maybe because he ran for office he irked someone. Maybe he chews the wrong kind of bubble gum or listens to “that kind of music.”

Who knows? There’s plenty of speculation. Those who didn’t want Powell to hold office firmly believe the Mayor set them up by proposing a man for the board she knew they wouldn’t support.

Maybe, but then again maybe those who support the mayor are correct when they say Powell was voted out because those opposing him just want to exact some sort of political revenge.

You know what, I don’t care.

Let’s keep it very, very real.

Rockville is more dysfunctional than the Kardashians without the scenery. It’s a city like the Adams family via the Munsters.

It’s just embarrassing.

No one has the right to point fingers and no one has a right to feel morally superior.

We’re talking about a voluntary position. It is often hard enough just to get residents to volunteer for anything. Powell applied and was apparently the second of five in terms of recommendation, according to an email we obtained the city tried to keep from us.

This is transparency? Keeping the information from us? As much as the city screams about needing to be transparent, the most transparent thing in Rockville is how well the city doesn’t work.

That’s readily apparent, transparent and repugnantly appalling.

I think it is hilarious the city tried to keep the email from us, and I also think it is hilarious anyone on the council could or would point the finger at anyone else on the council and accuse them of being an impediment to transparency and good government.

Let’s be honest. Let’s deal in facts. Rockville city is no different than Congress when it comes to how well the political body is able to fashion legislation and pull the levers of government.

That’s the scary point.

Now there’s plenty of rumors and embargoed news releases floating around the city which points to things to come in Rockville.

The stage will be set. It will be one from column “A” versus one from column “B”.

The contestants will square off and accuse each other of not serving the city.

Voters will have to decide.

But before the candidates break into opposing factions and level each other with accusations, let me submit this for the voters to consider: No one is doing a good job in Rockville and every single member of the council should be scrutinized very closely.

Getting along is essential, especially with those who have a differing opinion than your own. That’s the art of governing. Everyone doesn’t agree. How do you move forward if you don’t agree?

In Rockville no one seems to know. They just want to argue with each other like a bunch of recalcitrant kids in the sandbox.

They want to put together slates of like-minded candidates and dismiss those who disagree with them as if they’re traitors.

They want to be bullies in the sandbox, not legislators.

The art of governing has been lost in the rhetoric and fighting.

And that, in the words of Bridget Newton is just sad.

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Posted By: Joe On: 3/7/2013

Title: Rockville resident

Well written and speaks directly to the way our City is governed. The ppoint on like-minded candidates on a five person slate says it all....some feel there is no room for honest debate, difference of opinion and consensus building. I will also repeat Bridget's sad indeed.


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