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Aldi reopens in Takoma Park with a wider variety

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Published on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

By Daryl Buchanan

TAKOMA PARK- Montgomery County’s shopping options continue to grow and diversify with the re-opening of a popular area grocery store.

The ALDI grocery store located in Takoma Park recently celebrated a re-opening that gave the store a facelift and upgrades to improve the shopping experience for shoppers. The store was originally opened in 1998 and ALDI was able to lease more space in the location to expand the store.

Jeff Baehr, Vice-President for the Frederick Division, says ALDI separates itself from other grocery stores by putting an emphasis on high quality products at affordable prices. Additionally, 95 percent of ALDI’s goods are exclusive to the store. Baehr says you won’t find many of the popular brand names in the store.

“ALDI is a select assortment grocery store focusing on lower prices. We take a cost effective approach to our operations. We look for ways to reduce costs and reduce overhead. The money we save through those efforts is passed on to the customers. I think shoppers will be surprised to discover they can save maybe 30 to 50 percent on grocery bills by shopping with us,” said Baehr.

The Takoma Park location new look now includes 18,000 square feet of space, which Baehr says is intentionally smaller than most stores to provide an easier shopping experience. Baehr said ALDI did not want shoppers to have to spend all day searching through a store to find what they want.

Shoppers will also notice a redone interior with higher ceilings and natural lighting that provides a more open and natural feel. Baehr said the location carries about 1,400 items, which is also a lot less than most grocery stores. Baehr says this is another way ALDI is able to offer their low prices.

“Keeping things simple and uncomplicated is important to us. Stores may have more brand names, but nobody can match ALDI’s prices for high quality goods,” said Baehr.

ALDI has only two locations in Montgomery County, another store in Germantown, But Baehr says they are looking for new hires at both stores and locations for brand new stores. “Cashiers start at $11.50 at ALDI. We have some of the hardest working staff and we like to pay them a wage that reflects that hard work,” said Baehr.

“The reason we can pay so well goes back to our simple structure. We put a focus on keeping people for the long term and when you pay well we can keep great staff members. Our employees are a big part of what makes ALDI special.”

ALDI is also unique in that it does not accept coupons or offer membership cards. All customers get the same deals. The store is also up to date on organic food trends and health conscious options. Baehr says the store recently began offering their “Fit and Active” items in their locations.

“If there are any people seeking very affordable prices for high quality goods that can compare to other national brands they should come in and shop at ALDI. Business has been very good in Montgomery County but we always feel we can open our shopping experience and prices to a lot more people,” said Baehr.

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