Coffee Republic offers top-notch beverages and decadent pastries

Looking for a new spot to get your morning pick-me-up but don’t want to have to wait in those obnoxious Starbucks lines? Well wait no longer because Coffee Republic , located in King Farm Village Center, might be just the place your caffeine addiction and morning routine have been looking for.

Opened in October of last year, this neighborhood coffee shop currently boasts a four-star Yelp rating, under the ownership of four business partners and fellow owners of Bean Good Coffee Co. in Arlington, according to the local blog Rockville View. These high reviews can be accredited to their top-notch espresso and coffee beverages, along with their decadent baked goods and cozy interior.

As a self-proclaimed coffee-enthusiast, I consider my standards high when it comes to specialty lattes and the likes, but Republic has never failed to impress me. Republic’s beverage menu is home to all the classics, the intriguing Hazelnut Truffle and Vanilla Caramel lattes and even some international options. For the adventurous caffeine connoisseurs, Republic offers a spiced Karak Chai for a taste of Dubai right in your own backyard. In my opinion, one simply cannot go wrong with the Vanilla Caramel latte. Hot or iced (I’ve tried both), this drink is delicious down to the last sip. While the drink may sound simple, it is all about the execution as baristas craft a drink that is the perfect balance of sweet and that strong caffeine jolt you expect from an espresso beverage.

And what better to go with your coffee beverage than that pastry you were staring at, mouth on the verge of extreme salivation, from the minute you walked in the door? For me, it was the chocolate muffin beckoning me from it’s glass dome to “treat myself”. Moist and delicious, you could taste the freshness with every bite, and trust me there are many bites as this muffin could easily feed two chocoholics (or one hungry one, in my case). Ask for the muffin to be heated for the ideal complement to your handcrafted beverage.

While you come for the coffee and treats, the modern atmosphere contributes to the overall experience. Designed for the millennial in us all, the shop is complete with marble countertops, wood accents and mostly fake greenery. The additional natural lighting and an open floor plan, make Republic the picturesque backdrop for your study date and Snapchat story alike.

Coffee Republic is open seven days a week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and is located on 801 Pleasant Drive, Suite 100 in Rockville.



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